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How to Make Real Money Online From Home

Getting back into the subject of making money online with twitter a site that I first started up with comes to mind and that is Sponsored Tweets.

How to Make Real Money Online

When I first jumped onto the scene of making money with twitter one of the first sites I joined up with was Sponsored Tweets. The site offered me a way to post ads on my twitter account and get paid cash when ever one of my followers click the ad.

How to Make Real Money Online

For the first few months it works out pretty good and I did make a little bit of pocket money sent right to my pay pal account. The pending payments for the clicks were a kick in the teeth as it took about a month for each payment of the clicks I had gotten to be approved. The min payout also stood a bit high a 50 bucks so it did take a long time to reach it, I mean come on your going to need a sh*t load of clicks just to cash out once.

A few months after I had signed up they did let out below the 50 dollar minimum, but also asked you pay a 2 dollar fee, which again takes quite a few clicks!
Overall Sponsored Tweets seemed pretty good when I first started out, but recently have not even gotten any ads I could post, meaning no chance of ever reaching that 50 dollar payout.

Is Sponsored Tweets Dead? Do us all a favor guys and post your comments to let us know if the Twitter advertising site sponsored tweets is at all worth the time when it comes to making money online.

Today I will be taking a look into a pretty new site called pay per post and try and find out if we can really make any cash off this program. PayPerPost.com is a site created by IZEA and started up back in 2006, if you guys have ever tried sponsored tweets is basically the same idea but instead of tweeting ad you write sponsored posts on your blogs.

When I first sign up they ask me for the information about my blogs and then I just had to wait to get some leads. I had used sponsored tweets in the past and it was nothing really that special, but I am all about making money online so I thought hey why not give it a shot.

The first lead I got I was even the specs in which I had to meet
Word count

It seemed pretty easy so I went along with it and made 5 bucks for about 20 minutes of work. Sounds pretty good right, as the week went on a got a few more leads made a little more cash and then the leads just stops or just the ***** dollar leads.

When I finally gave up and wanted to cash out I found out that the min cash out was 50 bucks and that is a lot of posts. The only cool thing in the end was they did let me cash out, but did charge me a 2 dollar fee.

It was worth a try and I did make 28 bucks but it took so long to get paid and I would recommend you guys skip the whole pay per post scheme.

As always guys be sure to post your comments and share with us the answer to can pay per post make you money?

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