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How to make money online from home in 2018

If someone were to ask you, what’s the single biggest advantage of internet, in all probability, your answer would be accessibility to knowledge within seconds. Of course, there is porn too, but we are assuming that you consider useful things only as advantages. Need some help with opening .iso files on your computer? Bam, Google it and you will get the answer. Need to know the symptoms and cure for some disease? Bingo, Google has the answer again. In fact, there are a whole lot of videos out there on Youtube on almost everything imaginable. And videos are what we are going to talk about today in this article on making money online.

How to make money online from home

How to make money online

In recent times, Youtube has become a popular search platform in itself, with people finding answers to their various queries. And therein lies the opportunity for you to make money online. All it takes is a decent camera and the ability to share knowledge with the world.

Pick an area of expertise- If you have checked out Youtube’s new look, you must have come across a whole lot of categories on the left side of the page. These categories can be your inspiration to start sharing knowledge with the world. It could be anything you have expertise in. If you love music and are an amateur producer, you could start by making videos about FlStudio tutorials, Ableton Live tutorials and other music production software out there.

If you are good with making food, you could start posting videos about various recipes that you have mastered over the years. If you are good with financial markets, start posting videos which tell people about how to read market signs etc. The possibilities are endless.

Watch some good channels first- However, before you start making videos on your area of expertise, it is important that you check out some good channels on Youtube related to that field. For example, if you are planning to do Fl Studio tutorials, you can check out some videos of Warbeats. Similarly, if you are planning to start your own food channel on Youtube, check out some channels of good chefs on Youtube. You can usually make out the quality of channel by the number of views it has got.

Get a good software and please, a good mic- This is very essential if you hope to make money online using Youtube. If you are doing something like Fl Studio tutorials, you would need to record the events on your desktop. For that, you would need a good software. Something like Camtasia works very well. For other kind of videos, like videos on food recipes, a standard camera with video recording feature works well. Sony has some pretty decent cameras at an affordable cost. Whatever your recording medium is, please make sure you invest in a god microphone. Now, we aren’t expecting you to buy a microphone from Shure, but a mic with decent output level augurs well for your channel. The clearer you sound to your audience, the more followers you are likely to build for yourself.

Give them something unique- Consider your Youtube channel as your online business. For every business to succeed, it needs to have a certain USP over others. The same holds true here as well. For you to make money online using Youtube, it is important that you give your audience something unique, something different than the others. For that, you would need to do a bit of research other leading channels in your domain and then draft your content strategy. For example, if we take the case of Fl Studio, there are hundreds of good videos on making House music. However, there are very few videos on making Indian beats. If you are aware of Indian music, that gap in content could be your chance to dish you something unique to your audience. You have to looking for similar gaps in order to make your Youtube channel popular in a short span of time.

Keep it crisp, but don’t miss the detail- Now, there is a difference between keeping it short and keeping it crisp. People love detailed videos explaining each and every aspect of a given topic. However, at the same time, they hate videos that are too long and that just don’t get to the point. While making videos for Youtube, you have to make sure that you start straight to the point, keep it crisp and at the same time, give the minute details so necessary to master the topic.

Of course, after doing all that, you would need to sign up for Google’s Partner program on Youtube for ads to be placed on your videos. If you do all of that, you can start making money online through Youtube in no time at all. Of course, don’t expect results overnight.

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