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How to get rid of foot fungus Using the Natural Remedies Available

The condition of foot fungus has affected over 60 million people globally and people living in US are most infected with this infection. This could be due to many factors, the most important being the large presence of diabetic people in the current US population. The main villain behind the eruption of foot fungus infection is the presence of Onychomycosis bacteria. Most doctors caution their patients that foot fungus infection should be taken very seriously. Otherwise they are very difficult to treat and keep on resurfacing again and again.

Can natural remedies be used to treat foot fungus condition?

If you or your near ones are suffering from foot fungus problem, the common question asked here would be how to get rid of foot fungus. Most people would seek over the counter anti-fungal topical creams and even take medicines. However this infection can be treated with natural remedies which are available around the home easily. We have explained a few of them to make your life a little easier.

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Over the ages, vinegar available easily at home is used to cure this foot fungus infection. Here you need to mix equal quantities of water and vinegar together and blend them well. Then the infected area of your foot can be soaked in this mixture for 15 minutes. Over a period of time you would notice that the symptoms of your foot fungus infection would be reduced immensely. Here you need to give around two weeks to get the best results.How to get rid of foot fungus Using the Natural Remedies Available

Epsom salt

Epsom salt is considered very beneficial when fighting against any skin infection. Here you need to mix equal amounts of warm water and Epsom salt in a tub and then immerse your infected foot into it for a few minutes. You would enjoy immediate relief from the itching irritation and you can do this every day, to get best results.

Tea Tree oil

Tea tree oil can be considered to be a person’s best friend, when he is suffering from acne or foot fungus infection. The oil has natural elements which help to fight the foot fungus conditions. To get the best results you would need to apply tea tree oil in small quantities over the infected area, thrice daily. You can continue this application for around two weeks and even once a week after the infection is gone.

Cinnamon Sticks

When learning How To Get Rid Of Foot Fungus you would be surprised that cinnamon sticks can be used to trea this infection. These sticks are soaked in large amount of water and boiled. When this water is cooled, you can immerse your infected foot into it for a few minutes. When this treatment is undertaken over a period of days, your foot fungus infection would disappear gradually.


This popular mouthwash can be applied over the infected area daily and within a few days our foot fungus symptoms would be removed permanently. Here do keep the Listerine solution over the infected skin area for a few minutes before washing it off.

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