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How To Choose Best Iron For Home

A few tips on how to pick up a decent iron

Has he in any home. It is an indispensable tool. Using the iron, we ironed a lot of things after washing. But there arrives a period if the irons fail or your iron have become irrelevant, it is required to go to the Mall and pick up the latest.

How To Choose Best Iron For Home

Arriving at the store for purchase, you will not understand how to correctly pick up the iron? First must first decide what it is you for home use or to take with itself in road. If you stroke things very infrequently, it is possible to buy a simple model. When Ironing takes much of the time, better to stay on the choice of the device from a reputable manufacturer, it will certainly be more expensive, but better. Do not trust advertising about the need too popular “bells and whistles” – they used the house infrequently. However, and quite cheap equipment do not purchase.


Almost all believe – rather than the more powerful the device the better. This does not constantly function. On the shelves it is possible to meet the expensive irons with a huge capacity. No need to infringe on so tempting, examining the small value segment, better to stop your own selection on the iron with a power of 1.6 kW. Irons which have a capacity of from 2.2 to 3.1 kW will warm up faster. Be aware than the more power the device has, the more electricity it uses.

What sole is better

In the selection of iron important aspect is the structure and coating of the sole. In the present period a vast number of alternatives, but the main of them — aluminium, steel and ceramics.

Iron with aluminum sole has a small mass, are rapidly heated and cooled. A huge disadvantage is that the use of substantial temperatures matter are able to rapidly stick to this kind of sole. Thus aluminum is not able to boast a fortress, a product may just scratch zipper or a button.

Stainless steel is often used by manufacturers of irons for the production of soles. Not surprising, since the soles with such a surface does not scratch, guarantees a rapid heating and just slip on the plane. The disadvantage of such a sole is a large mass of iron and a long cooling-off period.

Ceramics and cermets are also in demand as steel, it gives the ability to simply glide the iron over the fabric, but the exposed defects and scratches.

In some cases, across the model iron Teflon coated, but they do not use among buyers demand, as-in any way does not guarantee a higher slip, also, are short-lived. However, directly iron Teflon coated non-stick best quality.

The shape of the product

First and foremost, how to choose iron should be the focus of interest for its form. The shape of the spout is able to be different for this reason you should be interested to come to his choice. Than greater the nose, the easier it will be to iron the button-down.

The second factor that should be the focus of self-interest is the area of the plane. If you decide to pick the sole for the iron with a huge surface, in this case, clothes becomes much easier to iron. Small irons are much easier to use.

Couples and without exception, that it involves

The role of vaporization now available in most conventional irons, and the role of the pair is difficult to overestimate. Steam moisturizes, softens and smoothes the fabric. Many of the current devices on the significant temperatures of steam flow constant for the most active effect applies turbo stream(steam blow) simultaneously gives 2 times more steam on stubborn place.

In addition, the hydration could be realized by spraying water before you spout something that is especially useful when Ironing folds of the collar. Under the hot sole plate of this water will transform into steam.

Tip: when purchasing you need to know the size of the water tank. Than it is, the longer it can operate the iron in the no refueling. And focus on what is directly going to pour inside. Directly from the quality of the water in the iron depends on the performance and vapor.

The possibility of dry Ironing

There is a matter which does not need to be steamed, otherwise they will stick to the bottom and in this way will burn, causing holes. A similar matter calling for careful Ironing without the use of steam, and there is the possibility of dry Ironing.

The weight and size

In the selection of the iron concentrate your interest and size of the iron, as the use of the device constantly has to be comfortable. Most small-size and lightweight irons with a length of 20 cm and up to 800 g in weight. There are small and simple irons and with purpose family use, with a length of 25 cm and 1.5 kg weight. Large, powerful, and severe modifications for the house — with a length up to 30 cm and about 2 kg of weight.


In the period of our grandmothers and mothers used a wet gauze with the aim well to iron delicate things. To date, there are modifications to the irons, which are equipped with a special nozzle, which gives the possibility to iron a hot iron delicate fabrics in the absence of damage to them. Quite only put the nozzle directly on the sole of the iron and easily begin to stroke.

The number of modes of Ironing

Another integral part of high quality iron support temperature corresponding to as probably the most specific target you mode. As delicate tissue thus simply spoil, in case the iron on substantial temperature!

Mode you need to select for a particular type of matter. More undemanding flax, cotton and blended fabrics. It should be noted that across irons, working surface which heats unevenly, regardless of in this case that the proportionality of the heating is very important with the aim of high quality service. However, in this period, almost without exception, all irons are equipped with heating component is able to maintain the required temperature and reheat the plane is identical.

Believe me, if you will pick up the iron quite carefully, in this case, temperature regimes will be able to forget. To date, constraining the most part, cheap and expensive irons has almost similar temperature regimes.

Durability, safety, and reliability

Every electric heating appliance, iron belongs to the class of fire appliances. Obviously, the fact that it is more correct not to allow the children to him, did not leave the iron unattended and remember to turn off the iron from the outlet on completion of service.

In the case if you suffer from carelessness, you have the possibility to reduce risks, to purchase iron with safety auto off. Automatic power off does not only save your property from the tan and the housing from fire, but also will save the consumption of electricity. If the iron is in a horizontal position on the sole or on its side, in this case, the automation through the 15-30 seconds it turns off, vertical about 8-10 minutes, while 1-x properties, move the power tune.

For iron, the threat is not only flame, and moisture. The same moisture that is poured inside and capable of forming scale, which hinders the flow of steam and reduces the performance of heating component.

In order to curry favor with the iron longer, before use you need to find out whether there is in it the concept of protection from scale, and if so, in that case which. Inside can be built-in cartridge with an automatic filter to cleanse water but the right to fill all the water is pre-filtered. But the self-cleaning system gives you the opportunity to apply tap water – in case there are difficulties with hydration, iron enough to fill to the top, to heat up to greatest temperature, and with the support turbo stream “wash” without exception, all the particles of lime scale.

What you need to focus your interest, in order to iron more comfortable

Wire – better to choose the iron, which is fixed with a hinge and able to rotate all directions. The braided cord is required to be tissue. In addition does not need to lose sight of the fact that the length must be at least 2 meters.This will give the opportunity not to catch the cord when Ironing.

Come across irons with a wireless connection. Stand the iron unites with the network via a cable. Heating such irons are supported by communicating with a stand. If the user will remove the iron, then it will not heat up, put the kickstand — hot. These irons are comfortable that give the possibility of independent movement of the user. The cable does not get in the way.

Iron handle required comfortably fit into the hand, does not slide, it is better if it will be rubberized.

Weight must be approximately 1.5 kg. In case if it gets easier, when you will need more Ironing press iron and in accordance with this to use more effort. If heavier, in this case, the brush will be rapidly tired.

Temperature controller – more than heat range, moreover different types of fabrics may be ironed.

Steam iron

We wish to allocate in separate steam generator irons with which gain considerable fame. Consists of the iron and thus referred to as steam atomizer, but it looks more like a vacuum cleaner. Such a device is more correctly generally to pet outerwear: coats, coats, suits, and likewise the curtains.

As in ordinary iron, it is recommended that the power of the steam iron 2000 watts. A more appropriate sign of a constant supply of steam is 50 g per minute. These 2 signs provide excellent and high-quality Ironing.

So what to choose iron?

First, you should make your choice on what features of the iron you need. In case you do not prefer to go in a rumpled coat, in this case you certainly needed iron with vertical steam. In case you love to often wear jeans, other things from cotton, linen, in this case, it would be advisable to have a so-called “turnover”, etc. Concentrate their interest on the power of the iron.

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