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How To Choose Best Food Processor For Home

Food processors still practiced in the beginning of the last century, but sunk into the soul of women only in the seventies. The first units were huge sizes, but the function as such was much little, it is gradually upgraded. For example, in the 90 years was like a huge creature due to its emitting of noise which frightened a nearby behind the wall when you turn, and trade in it products was just horrible, the cream turned into butter, the cocktails were issued odors rubber gasket of blender, grinder processed meat of the highest category, without the veins and films.

How To Choose Best Food Processor For HomeOf course, most things that run kitchen processor, women can cook by yourself. The difference is the time it will take. Hundreds of years ago people a large number of hours spent on cooking. Today’s active lifestyle does not give us that luxury any more. The good news is that we get more of the latest technology to help us. Many men think that buying a kitchen processor is a fad for bored Housewives, even if they themselves try the holidays without departing from plate, cut into salads, make the meat into patties and whip cream cake. After such a March-throw on the cooking Goodies are unlikely to want to look at the food. A food processor is a unique miracle of technology, and assistant in the kitchen; chop, mix, shred and slice foods. The device easily replaces a blender, mixer, grinder, juicer, kneader.

However, before buying a kitchen appliance, you must consider several things that will be useful when choosing a device.

Mini or universal food processor.

A large number of modern people can not boast of outstanding size of his cuisine, based on this need to make the right choice what kitchen appliance you need a mini or universal. Mini units different kitchen grinders, perform the following tasks: coarsely and finely rubbed vegetables, cheese, chocolate, nuts, grind the cooked meat pieces to delicate pate, whipped variety of sauces, mousses. At the mini combine just one Cup, equipped with two disc graters with holes of different diameters, with a knife-impeller from stainless steel and plastic beater. Size capacity up to two liters, the relative power of just 600 watts. If you don’t have a big family consisting of up to 4 people, and your plans do not include meeting guests in the evenings with family and friends, the mini unit is a great option. It takes up almost no space, to cope with the cooking, and is much cheaper.

Multifunction processor — more complex management and a variety of interesting features in its use. Two tanks, two or one juicer, grinder disc for potato fries, Maxi press for cooking fruit puree, ice-maker, a mill for cereals, and spices, and much more that is included in the Arsenal of the assistant of the Housewives. Power of up to 2kW and the capacity of 10 liters or more. This model is practiced if the home has a large family or for commercial purposes, or if you constantly have guests and want to please their culinary delights. With this machine you don’t have to stand for hours and puff on the kitchen table to slice meats, salads and much more, just put everything in the bowl and press the button, and in minutes enjoy a delicious meal.

The capacity of the tank.

Choosing the right processor depends mainly on the number of people in your family. For a family of four bowl will fit with any size. If you are preparing large quantities of food, and you frequently visit relatives and friends or preparing a large amount of food to store, it is best to choose the bowl with more volume. For example, in 5-6 liters. Even larger units are used for commercial cooking.

Components and functions.

Multifunctional, heavy duty machine equipped with two bowls and various attachments to facilitate the processing of products. Set consisting of a large number of nozzles greatly increases the price of the processor. That would be a waste of money was appropriate, you need to understand the purposes for which originally made the purchase. Another thing that needs to look at is the quality of the material. The best knives are made of stainless steel offering the highest durability and performance. Before buying, make sure that all things are included or at the very least, they can be purchased separately.


Two main quality of the kitchen units:

1) No not working when you wash the items after use. Grinder and juicer does not require disassembly and reassembly. Just remove the knife and rinse the bowl.

2) Occupies a small part of the area in the morning, than everything is bought separately appliances cluttering up the Desk and the cabinets in the kitchen.

– Control. Usually kitchen units with only three modes: on, off, and pulse. In most cases, this is more than enough. However, there are several functions that may be required as a control speed adjustment. For example, different type of test is mixed at different speeds. Before you commit to buying a particular a food processor, make sure that his office supports the proposed use.

– The juicer. For juicing there is a separate devices are called juicers. If you plan to regularly make juices, it is better to take separately the juicer. Juicer centrifuge, squeeze the amount of juice depending on the capacity of utensils. Motor power will determine the cooking time of products. Juicer for citrus. Nozzle — like citrus-press. The drawback is the large content of the waste in the kitchen units than in freestanding juice extractor, a difference of 20 % of the finished product.

Many combines include a function of the kneader, its planetary system of kneading, consisting of the Corolla and hook-shaped mixer can easily cope with the task without leaving dough on the edges of the dish and mixes all the ingredients in one mass.

Blender attachment with minimal effort and time to cook any liquid, milk and smoothies, baby food. The ice breaks up snow conditions.

Mini-nozzle chopper small portions of food.

Nozzle-identical meat grinder electric meat grinder. Her set included (or separately purchased) knives, bars and diverse attachments.

Capacity and quality – the key to longevity.

First you need to pay attention to the combine, this power. In the kitchen in cooking we use not only soft, but also solid such as ice, nuts, hryaschik, frozen meat, and much more. The device is low power, less than 600 W, you will not be able to cope with the task, but simply fails. Heavy duty machines are the ideal helpers in the kitchen, they are easy for you to perform any task, just by pressing the button. In terms of quality, you need to choose a model with embedded processors, proven delusional companies made of metal or a good strong plastic. Their cost is much higher than conventional stamping products low profile plastic, but they ensure safety, reliability and longevity. Category heavy duty models start from 1000 watts. For example, the processor Bosch MCM 62020 wide loading hatch and an oversized bowl. This device is equipped with an automatic shut-off when overheating. The small bowl is typical for models with a small force. For example, Kenwood FDM100BA with a bowl capacity of 0.25 liters with a power of 500 watts, his power is only enough for a small amount of products.

From what material and size of the main container.

The amount of dishes from 1 to 6 liters. In most cases the presented model in the shopping halls, have a bowl for 3-4 liters. It should be remembered that the volume of the bowl will not affect its capabilities in cooking. But you also need to remember that all manufacturers indicate the full volume of the Cup and not working. For example, a well-known brand Tefal claims that the bowl volume 3 l, its usefulness will be only 2 liters. Not many devices have included a couple of bowls that become very practical, as for cooking tiny portions uncomfortable to cook in a larger container. For example, Braun FX3030 equipped with two containers 2 and 0.75 liters. Staff functions: gradual switching speed and compact size. It features: cutting food slices, shredder, French fries, chop vegetables and fruits, make juice out of citrus fruits, to prepare all types of pastry creams or mousses and other. Capacity for CPU are made of plastic, glass, metal.


Standard warranty for all household appliances is one year. Some manufacturers appreciate the quality of their products and offer extended warranties. In most cases, these long-term guarantees are applied to the engine. Some of the manufacturers of kitchen processors that offer a longer guarantee on parts. If you find such a food processor, you can be sure that he will not stop working after one week or after the first year of work. It’ll probably cost a little more but save you money in the long run. For example, Cuisinart Processor offers a 5 year warranty on motor and 3 years parts. What makes it unique.

The volume of the housing of the combine.

Some heavy loads can cause severe vibration. Stability is an important factor when it comes to cooking with processors. You need to choose a food processor that has a built-in solid housing and broader ground. Wide base will support the unit stability and prevent from moving or dancing on the kitchen table. There is one more thing that the food processor could withstand continuous operation for several hours is not overheating. Of course, it also depends on the type of load.

Where to put and how to care

Purchase it is best to consolidate on the table in assembled form, or the passage of time as the practice shows, the majority of women get bored to get the camera from the depths of the wardrobe. This is a nice plus, the unit always ready for operation, and at any moment ready to aid in cooking. With the exception of one rule, unfortunately not everyone can afford the storage processor on the table because of the small dimensions of the kitchen. So I have to clean it after every use case, or find a mini version of kitchen processor. Care for a food processor not more than, not different from other household kitchen appliances. After work it is necessary to completely disassemble and properly clean all the elements involved in the process, and the body wiped with a damp cloth from stains and grease.

Food processor – a universal device to help the modern women in the kitchen. Its functions are so varied, it really saves cooking time by slicing the products into pieces for you, substitute a meat grinder, blender, juicer, mixer, kneader, and this is only half the enumeration of its capabilities, but does not occupy a lot of space, as if all its kitchen appliances separately. When you select should give a clear idea for what purposes do you need this machine, just for salads, chopping meat, or for the manufacture of diverse culinary delights. The function of the processor is not only cut into cubes or strips, and can combine 3-4 functions at a time.

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