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How To Care For A Newborn

While mom is with the baby after giving birth in the hospital, helping her around the staff. In these moments, all seems clear and simple. But when the case goes to the statement immediately appears a bunch of questions with my mom when she comes home with your child.

How to care for a newbornFirst you need to correctly follow the umbilical cord of the child. Most often belly button disappears on the third day after birth, but there are cases when the baby is discharged with not yet fallen away by the umbilical cord. Therefore, in the first and in the second case, you need to be able to take care of baby’s navel, so he quickly healed. You will need hydrogen peroxide, brilliant green, cotton. To cover the navel can be used as the peroxide. To cover the navel need to tear off a small piece of cotton, roll it sausage, DAB the green paint and after gently wet the navel area. If the navel is not eliminated, it is necessary to gently lift up and under it to smear green paint. This should be done every day after bathing. If umbilical wound is well healed, then it is possible to wash the belly button with peroxide.

Care for the newborn. Important tips.

The next step that needs to know the young mother is bathing. In the hospital, newborns are not bathed, they simply wipe with a damp cloth. But when the baby is already home, it’s time to proceed to the first swim. Before the procedure you need to prepare the water bath. It is best while the baby is still small to bathe it in herbal infusions of chamomile, succession, Bay leaf. At the bottom of the bath to put the second diaper folded in the head. Then pour a little clean water so that it covers the bottom of the bath. The rest of the water with infusion of herbs. Child wrapped in a sheet and gently, slowly lowered into the tub. Without revealing the diaper, on top of it to pour water of herbs. When the body is fully wetted with water, the sheet can be gradually expand and continue to pour over the child.

If the toddler started to cry, may not be appropriate for the water temperature or he was just scared. In any case, bathing is better to interrupt, to further not to scare the puppy and repeat the next day. To avoid such situations the temperature of water and air must be carefully monitored, so it was good to get two thermometers. The room should be not less than 23 degrees, and the water is not below 37 degrees. Also while bathing is necessary to ensure that no water gets in the ears of the baby. You can support the head with hand. While bathing the baby need to talk about what was happening to him, the voice of parents should be cheerful and with a smile.

After bathing the newborn get on a towel and gently wet them body. Redeems their child, the mother should examine his ears, eyes nose. To clean the ears once a week. To do this is to buy a special cotton swabs with limiter, to avoid damage to the inner ear. Putting his wand in a child’s ear to turn it gently clockwise. To each ear his own wand. The spout clean also, only the stick can additionally be wet in sea water. The eyes of a child visiting in the morning after waking and in the evening after a swim at the presence of precipitates. If the eyes are a bit sour, they can be rinsed with water of chamomile. To do this, moisten a cotton pad in the herbal infusion gently wet the baby’s eyes. Also, the doctor can use eye drops.

Newborn babies have very fast growing nails, so it redeems the child needs to see the state of his nails on the hands and feet. To trim your nails better clippers as scissors can accidentally damage the skin due to the fact that the child is spinning all the time

Redeems baby, and making a number of procedures you can start dressing. Before you put the diaper on the seat of the buttocks and genitals sprinkle with powder coat or protective cream. The excess powder gently shake the cotton wool and the cream can be wet cloth.

Wearing a diaper is important to the navel area to leave open so he could breathe. You can buy special diapers with the cutout for the navel or the diaper to wrap the front a couple of inches. Then baby can clothe, feed and put to bed.

Waking up in the morning baby needs all the same procedures as an adult. First you need to wash. You will need a small bowl of warm water and a cotton swab. Then a new swab to wipe the ears, nose and neck. Then remove the night diaper and wipe the genital area and ass baby. You should not rush into putting on the new diaper. Leather needs to breathe and relax. So at this time you can make a child a little workout.

First, to stretch our hands. Gently take one hand to the side with the left hand, and right at this moment as if it is smooth throughout its length. The same repeat with the other handle. All movements should be smooth, slow and without priglazhivanija force. After you begin to workout legs. One leg is raised and clasping her hand in a second region of the foot to flatten, moving up to the thighs. With the second leg to repeat the procedure. Also useful for baby to stretch the legs in the “frog”. For this child’s legs bend at the knees and describe their semicircle. Each leg is directed into his side. If it is the right leg, then the circle describe in the right direction, but if left then left. Body just rubbing their hands like little massaging fingers. During charging of the baby can be turned from side to side, stomach to back and Vice versa. After charging the child can put in the diaper.

It is important to note that the diapers need to be changed every three hours. Ass and genitals to wipe after every change, just clean water without soap. Soap in early days it is better, in General, do not use or once a day. Also the child needs to wipe the mouth after feeding. Twice a day a newborn it is useful to stand on a balcony or open window in the room so he got used to temperature of natural air. A week after discharge, you can make the first walk on the street.

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