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How To Avoid Vaginal Yeast Infection

Vaginal yeast infection causes irritation of vagina and the vulva which is the area around the vagina, out of four women at least three of them are found with yeast infections in their lifetime. However these infections can be controlled by practicing preventive techniques that will help in reducing the risks of getting infected. Here are some of the best ways on how to avoid vaginal yeast infection;

Vaginal Yeast Infection
  1. Women should never use petroleum lubricants during sexual intercourse and instead use water based lubricants if they have vaginal dryness as an issue.
  2. They should always wipe from front after a bowel movement so as to prevent transfer of yeast from intestinal tract to vaginal parts.
  3. In some women eating yogurt daily will prevent yeast infections that usually follow antibiotic treatments but in this case yogurt is not a cure of vaginal yeast infections.
  4. Use of perfumed bath soaps and powders on the virginal parts usually cause irritation which may lead to yeast infections.
  5. Avoid douches since they wash away the protective vaginal mucous hence leaving the vagina more exposed to yeast and may get infections easily.
  6. Use of condoms during sexual intercourse may also help since semen alters Ph balance in the vagina hence triggering infections. Many women have latex allergic reactions that may trigger infections.
  7. Women should use pads and avoid tampons hence they will reduce the chances of infections.
  8. Blood sugar levels should be well controlled for those women with diabetes.
  9. Women should always get used to wearing Cotton underwear; they should avoid Nylon and Lycra which are known to trap air hence creating breeding grounds for yeast.


Vaginal yeast infections causes extreme itchiness in the vaginal parts as the main common symptom, there are other symptoms such as:

– Redness, burning or swelling of the vulva and the vaginal.

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– Infected may feel pain during urination.

– One may feel pain when having sex.

– Soreness.

– A white vaginal discharge like cottage cheese and has no smell.

– Rash appearing on the vagina may be another sign of yeast infection.

In most cases, women get yeast infections due to lack of enough sleep, stress, illness, eating large amounts of sugary foods and poor eating habits, pregnancy, poor control of diseases such as diabetes and HIV/AIDS, hormonal change of ovulation cycle and taking medicines such as antibiotics, steroids and taking of pills that are used in birth control.

Yeast infections are really obtained by having sex since it is not associated with sexually transmitted infection and is commonly caused by weak immune system. These infections are cured using antifungal medicines that are mainly found in forms of tablets, cream and ointments for inserting into the vagina.

People with these infections should consult their doctors mostly when they are pregnant, been diagnosed of these infections before or always getting vaginal yeast infections. Over the counter medicines can be used but with the right prescription so as to stay safe from these infections and also avoid future infections. Be safe by checking the daily hygiene and getting the right pants and also taking heed of the above instructions.


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