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How Is Laser Toenail Fungus Removal Effectiveness

A lot of people are having doubts about laser toenail fungus removal effectiveness, especially those who have been battling the issues for years with different methods and yet they all fail and no positive outcome is shown. They worry that this laser toenail fungus removal will be just as the same as the other treatments, and yet they have spent quite a lot of money for the procedure. Well, if you are still afraid to have this procedure done or not, let’s learn the facts and the basic knowledge about the issue and possible treatments.

Failure Reasons ?

Reasons why you are problems getting rid off the toenail fungus is because all the treatments and medications aren’t exactly treating the issue directly. In toenail fungus, your nails become brittle, fragile, and basically damaged. not only you will experience whitish or yellowish spot on the tip of the nails, the badly worn structure can also cause pain and bad odor. The problem is because the fungus is located on the nail bed, which is quite difficult to reach and applied treatment. your doctor may prescribe you anything, but if they can’t reach and touch the fungus, the result will be zero.

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Alternative Methods

The laser toenail fungus removal is often considered as a last resort because of the high cost. Often 10times, your doctor will try alternative ways to help you combat the issue. You may be advised to consume anti fungal tablets that will treat the issues from within. When consumed properly – along with hygiene treatment in terms of health and cleanliness to avoid it from happening again – the tablets may work. but you need to give it a time before it can effectively kill the fungus. It is also possible that doctor will give yo antifungal nail paint to be applied on the nail. This treatment, however, is less effective than the tablet because it can’t reach the fungus directly and right away. It may work on some people, but it may not work on others. That’s why laser for toenail fungus treatment is considered as the best option, despite its high price.

Laser Treatment

In laser toenail fungus removal procedure, the laser beam will be targeted directly on the responsible fungus. It will be shot to the fungus and kill them with the high heat and intensity. That’s why its success rate is around 99% to 100%. The cool thing about the procedure is that you won’t have to spend long time to undergo it. you may spend 10 minutes on the procedure if you only have one nail affected by the fungus. But if you have more than one nail fungus and the condition is quite severe, then you will have to spend more than just 10 minutes for the procedure.

Effectiveness and Side Effects

The great thing about toenail fungus removal procedure is the absence of cut, scarring, and incision. Doctor won’t need to cut you or make incision for the procedure to work. The laser won’t leave scar either. In fact, you will be able to walk out of the doctor’s office on your own, without any help. According to medical studies and researches, there is no laser toenail fungus removal side effects. The only side effects you will experience is if you consume the antifungal tablets, which may include diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, or headache.


If we are talking about the laser toenail fungus removal cost, you will be spending around $500 to $1,200 – depending on the severity of the issue. And since this procedure is included as cosmetic procedure (not health treatment), it won’t be covered by insurance. There is no doubt about laser toenail fungus removal effectiveness, but you do have to spend a lot out of your own pocket.

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