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How can I earn money online using twitter

I have had a little experience with twitter but most of it has been unsuccessful. Twitter is basically a website where you can comment on your life, or most other things, using 140 or so characters. Once this is “tweeted” it goes onto the main twitter website for others to see or perhaps find under a search, it also appears on all of your twitter followers homepage.

earn money online using twitter

How can I earn money online using twitte

You can search the web to find out the best ways to get others to follow you and there are some good methods available. There are also systems in place to gather more followers although it’s advised to steer clear of them as twitter will close an account down if you do anything untoward.

These days twitter has become a popularity contest with most of the famous joining up to provide anyone that cares their thoughts and opinions. Many people these days also have a fixation with celebs and sports stars and want to know what they are up to. One famous person joining twitter could have tens of thousands of followers within a few hours – crazy really but there are two main ways to earn money from using twitter.

The first is only applicable to those who perhaps have a website or blog. Twitter can be very handy for releasing the latest snippet of news that some will click on to view your website or blog. You can also use url shorteners so that you can post a little more information than normal. Once you tweet the latest snippet of info it will be seen by numerous people, some will click on the link to your website, others will not. If the tweet is interesting enough then you shall get visitors who read your site or blog and perhaps remain for a while. This could lead to a sale or the person visiting make like what they see so much that the re-tweet or tell their friends whilst socialising.

The second method can be done but with so many famous people grabbing the limelight it will be a tough task. Should you be famous enough or entertaining enough on twitter to acquire thousands upon thousands of followers then it is possible to provide sponsored tweets.

How can I earn money online using twitte

Some companies will pay you to tweet a certain snippet and provide a link to your followers because of the exposure it will get them. How many followers you have will depend on the price. Should you have more than a few thousand followers you could go free lance and advertise the opportunity to provide a link to your twitter account for a specific price.

I once had an account with about 7000 followers and sold each tweet for $50. Not bad when you think you are just copying and pasting some text. The more niche the twitter account the better the price you can get. As an example if your followers are somehow all into poker or biblical sects you could get more money from those types wishing to advertise their brand than perhaps a snooker company.

You can now design your twitter homepage to be very much anything you like and should you have a cool design it may result in more followers, the options are there but getting hold of thousands of followers is tough work and you should expect to work hard on this for some time before you begin to earn money via this method.

Here are our top five suggestions for gathering more followers.

1) Keep tweeting as much as you can and constantly. There is no point in tweeting “Bored today not going to tweet anymore” people have a fascination in what others are up to so tweet away until your heart is content. If the mail has arrived tweet it, if the dog has just come in wet then tweet it, if you’re out of toilet roll then tweet to the world about it.

2) Follow others. It’s a well known fact that by following others you will get followed yourself, find some that might interest you and start following them. If you follow at least 100 people each day you should get at least 70 following you back. Do that everyday for 100 days and you should have at least 7000 followers.

3) Re-Tweet. A re-tweet is passing on a message that you have received to all your followers. If you re-tweet as many of the tweets you receive it show activity and you will slowly begin to have your messages re-tweeted and thus gain more followers.

4) Buy your way in. Sounds stupid when you are trying to earn money but you can actually buy follwers through certain companies. The more you spend the more followers you will get. Obviously this has caught on and if you want a certain niche you will stay clear of this and do things the hard way.

5) Blag. Not the most honest of ways to get followers but it does work. Should you tweet something like “I will give a tenner to a random new follower” you will get results as people think they might actually get the tenner. Sure it’s a lie but no one will every really know. depending on how followers it gets you, you might even be able to front up the tenner in the end.

Well there we have it, twitter, tweets and re-tweets. Personally I am all twittered out – it’s not the best way to earn money and it will take you a long time to get the sort of interest you could use to make a nice bit of cash every month but still the option is there and might be your cup of tea.

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