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Home Treatments For Yeast Infections

Yeast infection or candidiasis is commonly caused by a fungus candida albicans. The infection mainly occurs on skin, mouth, genitals, throat and blood. Although the infection does not poses any threat to life but makes the patient uncomfortable with its consequences.

The main symptom varies and depends upon which part of the body is infected with yeast.


The most noticeable yeast infection is found among women in vaginal area. The symptoms include itching and a sensation of burning in the area, thick creamy discharge, pain during sexual intercourse, burning sensation while urinating and swelling of the area.

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There are several home treatments for yeast infection that can ward off the infections. These are:

  1. Tea tree oil diluted with water should be applied on the area with the help of a lubricated tampon.
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar- Vinegar has a tendency to maintain normal acidity of vagina. Its anti-fungal and antibacterial property makes it unique for home treatment of yeast infection. Mixing apple cider vinegar with water and washing the infected area for few days will help combat the infection.
  3. Garlic- Garlic has been found beneficial in treating the infection due to its antifungal properties. A clove of garlic can be inserted in the vagina or can be applied on the affected area a few times each day. Make sure you do not apply garlic on raw or broken skin. Including garlic in your diet will also help up to some extent.
  4. Tea tree oil- Tea tree oil is widely known for its properties in treating yeast infection. Its anti fungal nature makes it a great douche for vagYoghurt- Yoghurt can fight well with the infection causing fungus. It can be applied directly to the infected vagina with the help of a tampon twice a day for best results. Including yoghurt in your daily diet will also help to keep away the fungus for a longer time.
  5. Leaves of Rosemary- Wherever easily available, rosemary leaves boiled in water can prove to be a comforting douche to soothe the area.
  6. Home Treatments For Yeast InfectionsCranberries- Cranberries are acidic in nature and can cure the disease with continued consumption. It is also known to prevent infection of urinary tract and can be consumed in form of juice.
  7. Keeping the infected area dry- The infection generally grows in moist and warm areas, so it’s very important to see what you are wearing. Switching to loose cotton clothes and undergarment will surely help a lot. Always keep the infected area dry using super absorbent tissues.
  8. Lemon Juice- Lemon juice helps restore the normal pH of skin and thus help fight growth of yeast infection. A few drops of lemon in your bath water can make you feel refreshed. Also consuming a lemon juice drink will provide relief.
  9. Boric Acid- Boric acid is recommended in chronic infections as a home treatment for yeast infections. But medical advice should be taken before using it. Avoid using if you are pregnant. Boric acid has proved to be an inexpensive and effective cure for the infections.
  10. Basil- Basil can be effective in treating mouth yeast infection. Gargling with basil tea will prove beneficial.

Moreover, use of over the counter anti fungal creams can also be used to treat yeast infections.

Keeping a good hygiene will help in preventing and spreading of the infections.

Avoid using harsh soaps and deodorants in sensitive areas.

In case the conditions become chronic, medical advice should be taken for treatment.

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