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High Technology for Cystic Acne Treatment

Are you looking for cystic acne treatment? Commonly people with cystic acne will feel disappointed after using various OTC products that claim as best acne treatment because those products cannot give satisfied result for them. Acne problem vary from mild cases to severe one. Some people may only experience comedones (whitehead and blackhead); a symptom of acne without infestation of bacteria.

Cystic Acne Treatment

The buildup of bacteria inside skin pores activates inflammation reactions and cause swelling and redness around the bumps. It is the symptoms of papules. If there is pus inside the papules we called it pustules. Nodule is acne symptom that is characterized by solid and big pimple which is embedded deep inside your skin face and painful. All of this appearance can be found in both teen and adult acne causes.

The Symptoms of Cystic Acne

You have learned about various types of pimples from whitehead (closed comedones), blackhead (open comedones), papules, pustules, and nodules. Now you should understand the symptoms of cystic acne. It is severe form acne that can produce horrible scarring on your face it is not treated well. The appearance of cysts is similar with nodules but the cyst is fulfilled by pus. Touching and squeezing acne cysts may cause serious infection and make the acne problem worse.

The patients of cystic acne are complaining about the pain on acne cyst. But even the worst pain cannot beat the psychologist effect to their social life. People with severe acne usually have low self esteem especially in special occasion while a lot of people are involved.

Have you ever heard that unemployed rate is higher among people with acne than people without acne? It is a proof that acne make the sufferer look unattractive and decrease their self confidence. They wonder how to get rid of acne and pimples fast.

Advanced Treatment for Cystic Acne

As mentioned above cystic acne usually cannot be treated by regular acne treatment. Skin experts always try to discover the best cystic acne treatment that is effective for healing the acne cyst and preventing the scar formation. High technology like laser is also used to answer how to treat cystic acne properly. Here are advanced treatment for cystic acne:

  1. Steroid Injection

It is effective to flatten the lesion within 2-4 days but it can produce side effects like atrophy and hypo pigmentation on skin.

  1. Blue Light Therapy

This painless therapy can help killing the P. Acnes. The possible side effects are temporary dryness and redness.

  1. Pulsed light and heat energy therapy

This combination can help kill bacteria and reduce the size of sebaceous glands.

  1. Diode laser therapy

Reduce the sebaceous glands without harming the skin. It is painful so the dermatologist will apply topical analgesics before starting the laser treatment.

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Besides the possible side effects you should realize that these treatments are quite expensive. Discuss it properly with your trusted dermatologist before deciding to treat acne by using this high-tech method. And finally you can get delicate skin by choosing the best cystic acne treatment.

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