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Green Tea and Weight Loss

Today, there are a lot of people fighting obesity. Only a fraction of those people actually succeed. In order to shed those extra pounds, one has to be aware of a good method that works. The viability of a method depends on how well it works for each individual. Also, while picking a method one as to be sure that it is safe and natural and doesn’t have any side effects. Green tea is an excellent way to lose weight naturally. Before we look at the minutes of green tea and weight loss, let’s look at the pros and cons of other natural methods of weight loss:

Green Tea and Weight Loss

Cardiovascular exercise

Whether its swimming, cycling, walking or running, any form of exercise is good for your health. Following an exercise regime can only be advantageous. It elevates your heart rate and makes your blood pump faster thereby initiating fat burn. The good thing about cardiovascular exercise is that it increases your metabolic rate and keeps it up for hours after you stop working out.

The question here is if this method is viable for you. In this fast-paced world today when everyone is on a schedule, it sometimes becomes very difficult to include exercise into the agenda. For someone who is working or is a mother who has to take care of her kids, exercising regularly may not be an option. Also, people who are older may not be able to follow an exercise plan. Enrolling at a gym can be expensive too.


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Spices are said to play a very important role in weight loss. Cayenne pepper, black pepper, cloves, and garlic are some of the spices if included in food can really aid weight loss. Cayenne pepper is known for its antioxidant properties, garlic is known for fighting cholesterol and fennel is known for its digestive properties. All these spices in their own way are good for weight loss.

However, they have their side effects too. People suffering from ulcers or weak stomachs cannot take spices and there are others who just can’t stand the taste. Too much of cayenne or garlic can irritate the lining of the stomach and fennel is known for causing skin rashes. So as far as spices are concerned, even though they are excellent for weight loss, there is a limit to how much of them you can use.


Homeopathy has some very good natural remedies for weight loss. However, there are a few disadvantages of homeopathy. There are very few people in the world who are actually good at homeopathy and can correctly prescribe stuff that can help you. Most people feel that homeopathy is extremely slow and don’t take it seriously.

Also, the amount of research that goes into homeopathy is very less and with everything becoming so commercial, you cannot trust just any source. There are so many frauds out there that what you purchase to aid your weight loss may actually harm you in other ways because you don’t know how pure the stuff you are buying is.

Green tea and weight loss

Green tea and weight loss go a long way. Green tea has been consumed for thousands of years in China and in India which makes it tried and tested. The main thing about green tea is the fact that it does not undergo any oxidization and therefore retains all its antioxidant properties. It contains elements that cause weight loss through thermogenesis.

The best thing about green tea is the fact that it can be taken anytime and anywhere. It comes in easy to use sachets which you can carry with you to work, on a holiday or any place because all you need is some hot water. It can be consumed in any amount as it has very little caffeine.

Green tea tastes nice too and comes in a variety of flavors also. Compared to other natural methods of weight loss, green tea is the safest as it has no side effects and does not require much time to make. Green tea is readily available and has a lot of other health benefits. Also, read this review about a simple way, that can help you Lose Weight Fast.

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