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Get Your Email Marketing Freedom With MailWizz

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Many businesses are always looking for the best solution to market their businesses online. It is evident that, when well handled, email marketing is the easiest and most convenient way to keep in touch with your clients. When you have a mailing system with which to manage your clients, you can easily reach them with new updates to your products or services without being marked as spam. This method is also convenient since you are targeting people who are already interested in your products/services.

Most servers allow the use of PHP to send email. With this advantage, you can make good use of Mailwizz to send out your email campaigns without the need of purchasing an SMTP server. However, if you have an SMTP account, you can still use it to send out your newsletters, or use the server’s sendmail feature. MailWizz is an application written in PHP to send email to your mailing lists. The best thing is that you can send unlimited email campaigns to unlimited lists and subscribers. Another thing is that you do not need to pay a monthly bill to manage your lists.

MailWizz can also manage other clients – an unlimited number of them. You can sell subscriptions to clients who can also have lists to send out their own campaigns right from your application. Payment gateway already integrated for you. Your work is to set up and start receiving signups. If you own different businesses, this is an added advantage because you can set this PHP send email app on one domain and add the others as clients. This way you can track the performance of each business.

MailWizz Features:

– Multiple email gateways: – SMTP, Sendmail, PHPMail.
– Integrated payment gateways to sell packages to clients.
– Inbuilt tracking to manage different businesses conveniently.
– Autoresponders for automatic follow-ups.
– Powerful (RESTful) API to remotely manage your lists.
– Ability to manage themes and other features.
– Parallel Mail sending for faster mail delivery.
– Easy and customizable mail list forms.
– Full responsiveness.
– Full reporting system.
– Import/ Export feature.
– IP tracking for accurate subscriber statistics.
– Unlimited lists, unlimited subscribers.
– Easy list management by automatic bounce management.
– Easy language translation.
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