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What Causes Fungus Under Nail?

What Causes Fungus Under Nail And Toe Fungus Under Nail?

Fungus is present everywhere in our lives. Usually, it thrives in wet and warm places such as locker rooms or shower rooms. Also, fungus adapts very well in shoes as it is dark, warm and moist because of the sweat. Women may get fungus from finger salons as many times the tools used for a woman are not sterilized and it may affect another one.

fungus under nail

There is no problem caused by fungus as long as it is on our feet, fingers or nails. The problem occurs when fungus finds a crack in the nail and penetrates it. After it penetrates the nail, fungus causes an infection that will also bring yellowish marks on the nails.

If you notice that you most likely have a fungus under nail, you should immediately treat it. If not treated, fungus may cause many problems in time.

Sometimes the nail thickens and may turn into different colors. First of all you should avoid moisture on your feet and hands. After taking a bath, immediately dry up your hands and feet before putting on socks or shoes.

Fungus under nail is most likely found on feet. In order to prevent its appearance, we should keep our nails short and clean. This way the fungi will not have places to hide. Also, clean the spaces between your toes. The warmth, moist and dark place of the foot is the best environment for fungi.

In order to ensure ventilation to your feet, it is advisable that you take of your shoes during the day. Changing the socks on a daily basis is very important too. Try to avoid wearing socks two days in a row. Also, avoid socks made of wool or cotton as they make your feet sweat more than others materials. Public pools have shower rooms and lockers. When going there, you should always wear slippers.

Other ways of getting fungus is through a decreased circulation of the blood.

By having less blood going through your feet, your immune system will suffer and the skin or nails of your extremities may infect. Therefore the fungus is let into the nails so it creates fungus under nail.

In conclusion, there are many ways from which we can get fungus under nail. Even if older men or athletes are more predisposed to this condition, we should be aware and try to prevent the appearance of the fungus.

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Keeping our extremities clean and our nails short and clean will help us a lot at preventing the appearance of this unaesthetic fungus which can make our nails look yellow and thick.

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