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Foot and Toe Pain

Foot and Toe PainFoot pain and toe pain is a fairly common complaint. Very few people are born with feet problems. Many of the causes of feet pain are caused by ignorance and lack of proper care. This could result in damage to the nerves blood vessels and muscles of the foot and therefore causing the pain.Below are the common causes of foot and toe pain discussed in detail.

Arthritis is one of the most common cause of foot and toe pain. It is mainly caused by gout. It results when crystals are deposited on the joints resulting in so much pain. It mainly affects the big toe. Arthritis can be managed by use of drugs that prevent inflammation and irritation of the joints mainly referred to as NSAIDS and an example is ibuprofen. Visit a doctor for the prescription of these drugs. They are also easily available over the counter on the drug store. One could also use pain killers in reducing the pain. Most importantly, a bed rest could do a patient a lot of good.

Nerve damage also results in foot pain. It is mainly characterized by a burning pain.Nerve damage can be as a result of an underlying disease such as diabetes. Treatment of the underlying condition helps in reducing the pain. Another cause of foot pain could be a fungal infection commonly called the Athletes foot. Athletes foot is treated by applying anti fungal medication which can be applied or taken orally. This medication is available in pharmacies.

Toe sprain and fracture also cause pain. These two could result from jamming or stabbing of the toe. Minor sprains and fractures require ice and bed rest. However some major fractures may require surgery. Another cause for foot and toe pain is ingrown toe nails. These are characterized by pain, redness and swelling. It is treated by dipping the affected toe in Epsom salts. This condition may also require surgery.

There are a number of ways that are recommended for relief and healing of foot and toe joint pain. These methods are discussed below:

a) Use of analgesics- This mainly is used in relieving pain. A number of drugs for pain relief are available over the counter. An example s acetaminophen.

b) Non steroidal anti inflammatory agents- These are mainly used reduce inflammation at the joints. Depending on the purpose for taking the medication, different doses are taken. If one seeks to r

elieve pain then these drugs are taken at small doses but if they need to reduce inflammation, higher doses are recommended. An example is aspirin and ibuprofen.

c) Corticosteroids- These are mainly used to reduce inflammation at the joints.

d) Nerve pain medications- If pain is as a result of nerve damage, it will not respond to analgesics. There is need to therefore administer nerve pain medication. These include antidepressants and anti convulsants. They act by inhibiting the transmission of pain impulses to the brain.

e) Hot chilli peppers- These cause an uncomfortable feeling at first but are known to eventually reduce pain.

f) Essential oils- Geranium oil reduces pain at the joints. Other oils such as lavender are known to relax the joints and reduce cramping.

g) Turmeric and ginger- These have anti inflammatory effects. They also inhibit the enzymes responsible for inflammation.

h) Epson salts- mainly contain Magnesium Sulphate. it is usually a pain reliever.

i) Virgin oil- main component of virgin oil is oleocanthal. These has been shown to also have anti inflammatory effects.

Exercises are important in keeping the joints strong and in relieving pain. However different exercises work well for different people.

Below are some exercises that can reduce foot and toe pain:


1)Point your toe- Lift one foot and point it downwards. Make sure the toes are pointing the ground. Repeat this for both feet. This helps in strengthening and stretching all muscles of the feet.

2)Roll a golf ball or tennis ball under your feet. This has been used to mainly relieve pain and cramps.

3)Separate your toes with a toe separator. Now squeeze your toes together. Do this for 10 seconds The helps in relieving pain and in strengthening the toes.

4)Sit on a chair with your back straight. Try and pick a towel from the ground by holding it between the toes. Repeat this a number of times.

5)Relax in a warm bath- Mix water and Epsom salts. Epsom salts are known to help in relieving pain and in relaxing the muscles.

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6)Remember to always wear comfortable shoes. Proper fitting shoes are important in reducing foot and toe pain and also prevent future injuries.
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