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Finger pain

Finger painDo you think you are too young to develop joint pains in your fingers already? Even young people are prone to finger pain commonly because fingers are used very frequently.

The common causes for finger joints can be due to:

Osteoporosis : This is a condition, wherein there is a progressive decrease in the bone mass and density. The chief consequence of osteoporosis is increased risk of fractures.
Rheumatoid arthritis : Commonly affected areas of rheumatoid arthritis are ankles, fingers, wrists etc. This condition is characterised by inflammation of the joints, leading to deformity of the bones and immobility.
Injury: Sports injuries, fractures, sprains etc can lead to finger pain. Injuries can lead to dislocation of the joints or ligament tear, which causes the finger joint pain.

Basically, any condition that affects the bone or muscular structure of the finger joints can cause pain.

Below are some home based remedies that can help you in reducing your finger pain to a great extent and give you some temporary relief:

Stretching Exercises:

Make a fist, hold it for 30 seconds and release the fingers gently. Repeat the same for four times in each hand.

Grip Strengthening Exercises:

Get a soft and squeeze it as hard as you can in one hand. Hold the same for 30 seconds and then release. Repeat the same for 10 times, in each hand.

Lifting Exercises:

Place your hand on the flat surface of a table. Lift each finger and keep it in the lifted point for a few seconds and lower it. Repeat the same for 12 times, in each hand.


Apart from these exercises, you can try applying hot and cold compresses on your fingers. Alternate

application of hot and cold compress can give you a lot of relief. If your finger joint pain is severe, repeat the process atleast 3 times daily.

If you notice any inflammation around your finger joint, try applying an anti-inflammatory ointment that should give you instant relief. Alternatively, you could also, soak your fingers in lukewarm, salt water. You can also add a few drop of olive oil into it and gently massage your fingers.

Avoid lifting heavy objects or doing any activity that can aggravate your finger pain. If your pain is extreme, don’t settle in for heavy dose pain killers for immediate remedy, instead check with your physician who can suggest you the most suitable course of medication and treatment.

Nutrition, Supplements and Medication

Diet plays an important factor in combating finger pain. Avoid consuming white sugar, cheese, and veggies like eggplant and tomato. Mediterranean diet has proved to be beneficial for people with joint pains. This diet is tasty and contains a mix or vegetables and fruits. It is a heart healthy diet. Olive oil and canola oil are used in Mediterranean diet. Also it includes salmon fish, tuna fish etc, instead of red meat. The omega 3 fatty acids present in the fish will help against inflammation. Include a lot of calcium and Vitamins, especially, vitamin D, in your diet. Milk is a must for you. For vitamin D, you could take necessary supplements and spend a lot of time out in the sun. Other supplements recommended for joint pain are green tea, turmeric, ginger and glucosamine sulphate. Common medications for curing finger joint pains are non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs and biologic response modifiers ( which are used with methotrexate). Physicians often prescribe corticosteroids such as prednisone for finger joint pains.

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Remember, your hands and fingers are very important. So, as soon as you start experiencing even the mildest of joint pain, take immediate action. The ideal course of treatment for finger pain includes a combination of medication, exercising, rest, intake of proper diet and supplements.


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