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Find Your Fingernail Fungus Cure – What Are Your Options

Find Your Fingernail Fungus Cure – What Are Your Options?

Not only do you have to deal with the physical itching and pain, but you also have to endure the emotional pain and stress. You don’t want to shake hands when you see your friends or meet new people. This creates awkward problems if your job requires you to work closely with others or if you’re just out and about meeting new people.

You may not want to go on dates or spend time with your friends if your fungus is starting to look disgusting. And we all know that no matter how it looks- you always think it looks worse than it is and that the entire world is staring at it!

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What’s  the solution to all of this embarrassment and pain? Is there a fast, easy, and effective way to cure the fungus growing on your fingernails and creating such misery in your life?

The good news is many others have found cures for their fingernail fungus. The bad news is what works for someone else is not guaranteed to work for you. There are five things you can do when you need relief from your fungal infection:

  1. Make use of over-the-counter products.

This is where most people turn first. They head to a local store and start shopping around for fungus 8products safe for use on the fingernails. There are a variety of topical products which need to be applied at least once a day in order to start clearing up your fungus problem. Some may work faster than others, and some may never work for you at all.

These products are attractive because you don’t have to see your doctor to get a prescription and they are readily available on store shelves. They also tend to be a bit cheaper than prescription medications.

The problem with over-the-counter products is you have to decide which ones are worth your money and which ones are ineffective. You don’t want to spend weeks of your time applying a product only to find out your condition is not improving at all.

The solution is to do some research online prior to heading out to the store. If you know what products have worked for others seeking a fingernail fungus cure, you will know which ones to try first.

  1. See your doctor for a prescription.

You do have to jump through an extra hoop to get a prescription, but you also have the advantage of a doctor’s opinion. Most doctors are only going to verify that your problem is fungus and write out a prescription, but at least you get to rule out other potential problems before paying for that prescription and starting to apply daily. You can also go back to the doctor for a change in treatment if the first prescription doesn’t work.

If you go this route, make sure to ask about potential side effects of any prescription medication suggested. If you are prescribed an oral medication, make sure to alert your doctor if you have liver problems, or if you are at risk of liver problems. If you take a topical prescription treatment, make sure to ask about itching and irritation that may occur on your skin.

  1. Try natural remedies you can create at home.

Many fungus products sold over-the-counter now have ingredients commonly found as individual ingredients. For instance, many have used hydrogen peroxide mixed with apple cider vinegar to create a home remedy for fungus. Those two ingredients can also be found in some fungus products sold in stores.

You have to do some research online before using any home remedy. There may be side effects that you have to deal with, such as itching, irritation, or even discoloration of the skin. For the most part home remedies are safe, but you want to make sure you are using products that will be effective fighting your symptoms.

You don’t want to waste your time with something that is going to do no good; or even worse, which might make your problem worse.

  1. Experiment with alternative treatments.

There are a variety of alternative and experimental treatments that can be found for fungus problems. You may see a specialist if your doctor decides they cannot do much for your problem, or you may decide to check out a practitioner of Chinese medicine.

Just keep in mind that many of the remedies received from a Chinese medicine specialist will be natural remedies that you could discover and create for yourself.

The problem with alternative treatments is you never know what you are putting on or in your body or how long it will take for it start working. Many find it better to stick with more traditional routes of treatment.

  1. Do nothing and see what happens.

This is what you do not want to do, regardless of what other options you feel you have. If you start looking for a fingernail fungus cure the moment you see signs of fungus, it will be much easier to cure the problem. If you leave it until you are in physical pain and are embarrassed to show your hands to others, it will take much longer to cure.

The initial symptoms of fungus on the fingernails may be subtle. You may know that something is not right with your nails, but you may not know exactly what is wrong.

That’s why it is important to study up on the signs of fungus problems, and understand what can cause fungus to grow out of control around the nails. That will give you the information you need to avoid fungus, and recognize a problem as soon as it manifests itself on your nails.

If you think you are experiencing a fungus problem on your nails, don’t wait to take action! Choose one of the other potential remedies listed above and start working toward a solution to your problem.

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