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Cellulite is a skin condition that looks like an orange peel. Almost no men have cellulite but unfortunately around 90% of women are affected by this skin condition. The reason stays in the particularly of women’s collagen tissue. While men’s collagen is angled, women have the collagen connective tissue vertical. Poor circulation can be one of the causes of cellulite. If the blood flow slows the collagen tissue separates and allows the fat to come up to the surface of the skin.

Your age and your heredity also affect how visible is your cellulite. The only way to fight cellulite is by lowering the fat amount in your body. This can be achieved by natural ways, through exercise and diet. The extreme treatments such as liposuction and other invasive medical procedures are not recommended, because they can leave scar marks and the natural elasticity of your skin will be affected as well. The topical creams that claim to combat cellulite cannot help to get rid of the fat. All they can do is to temporarily remove moisture from your skin and make it temporarily firmer. That reduces the appearance of cellulite only for short term and doesn’t really get rid of it.

One of the best ways to fight cellulite is exercising. The specific workouts can burn extra fat and strengthen your muscles. Exercising will not only slim down your thighs but will also improve your well being and overall health.

cellulite-thighsThe simplest form of exercising is walking regularly. With a briskly pace, walking can burn around 300 calories per hour and can tone your thigh and bottom muscles. A good start would be walking six days a week one to three miles. You can also walk on a treadmill, if the weather conditions are not favorable for outdoors workouts. Don’t forget to stretch your muscles before and after exercising.

Another workout good for fighting cellulite is the interval routine. You can do a 12-16 minutes workout on a stationary bike indoors or you can do it outdoors by walking or running. Warm up at low intensity for 3-5 minutes. Have a speed or resistance burst for 15 seconds, increasing the resistance or the speed from a moderate level to a heavy level.

Best Cellulite Treatment

All Natural Ingredients For Best Results!

The next 45 seconds exercise at moderate intensity. Repeat for a total of 6 times the intervals of 15 seconds burst exercising and 45 seconds of moderate workout. Cool down for 3-5 minutes in the end.

Reverse lunge, Standing Calf Raise, and Side Step with Band are all good exercises for thighs and butt muscles and they can help getting rid of cellulite as well.

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