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Enjoy Fungus Free Feet

(Known by the medical name onychomycosis) with our totally natural remedy that soothes your feet in a bath of fungus fighting foot soak as it heals. No more unsightly, ugly and scaly toe nails, fungusfreefeet works to restore the health and appearance of your toenails by ridding them of many of the most damaging sources of foot fungus – dermatophytes, the leading cause of this fungal disease.


There are many factors contributing to the high incidence of nail fungus in as much as 70% of the population. This very difficult to treat toenail disease is more than a cosmetic problem and pharmaceutical companies have developed expensive, often dangerously toxic drug remedies that have proven to cause serious liver damage in some patients – even requiring liver transplants.

Who is most at risk for getting foot fungus? Toenail fungus increases with age, has a higher incidence among patients with diabetes, can result in people with peripheral vascular problems and diseases, is most frequent among men, can result from trauma to the nail, is often caused by neglect of proper foot hygiene, frequently results from chronic exposure to water and moist environments that support candidal onychomycosis, is asymptomatic of hyperhydrosis, is commonly associated with tinea pedis or athlete’s foot and can affect those with immunodeficiency.

Kills Nail Fungus Infection Forever

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Kills Nail Fungus Infection Forever!

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Healing occurs gradually with growth of the new nail in this difficult to treat disease beneath the toenail. Surgical removal of the infected nails will not cure or stop fungus and will only be a temporary and painful treatment.

The period of fungus eradication depends upon the time it takes and individual’s nails to grow, the area of infection and the determination of the person with the disease to regularly treat the problem.

Costly oral treatments such as Lamisil, Sporonex, griscofulyin, and the various topical application formulas can be toxic or ineffective and the chemicals can remain in the body long after the dose or application. That is why regular users of fungusfreefeet have found relief from toenail fungus and returned their feet to attractive, natural health. Stop the spread of this damaging foot fungus to your family at pools, gym showers and exercise clubs with our completely natural way to cure this disease.

It is an ideal solution for common sufferers such as healthcare workers including doctors, nurses and emergency workers, fire fighters, police officers, military personnel, construction workers, plant workers, professional and amateur athletes, clerks, lifeguards, postal workers, delivery truck and equipment operators … anyone who have their feet in shoes all day and especially those whose feet often sweat.

Start fighting your own toe nail fungus today with a safe, effective treatment that also provides a good reason to treat yourself to a well deserved time of relaxation gently soaking away the problem with fungusfreefeet.

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