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Elbow Pain – Best Exercises for Treating Elbow Pain

Elbow pain arises due to strain or inflammation in soft tissues like tendons. Most elbow pains are not severe and heal with in few days. You just take a painkiller, rest for few days and pains clears up. However, some pain may have prolonged time due to conditions like stiffness or arthritis. In such case, you must see a doctor.

Elbow Pain

Following are the causes of elbow pain:
1. Tendinitis
2. Olecranon Bursitis
3. Broken Elbow
4. Elbow Sprain
5. Elbow Arthritis
6. Cellulitis
7. Septic Arthritis
8. Tumor
9. Ulnar Nerve Entrapment

However, most of the elbow pains can be cured with regular exercises. It can be cured by exercising and resting. Do not rest for long period as it could led to stiffness. In case of serious injuries, consult a local physiotherapist for possible treatments.

OTC pain Relievers6-Ways-to-Naturally-Relieve-Joint-Pain

Over-The-Counter pain relievers include aspirin and acetaminophen. Aspirin belongs to acetylsalicyclic acid, which reduces pain. Acetaminophen also known as Tylenol is another product that reduces pain and fever. It is also popularly known as aspirin-free reliever.

Exercises for Treating Elbow Pain

1. Basic elbow stretching
A simple straightening and bending movement works great in healing elbow. Bend and slowly straighten it without pain. Stretch mildly as far as you could. Do around 15-20 repetitions. Make sure the exercise does not cause any pain.

2. Forearm Rotation
Bend you elbow 90 degree with palm facing the sky. Slowly turn you palm downwards and again upwards. Do this exercise 15-20 times and focus on pain free motion.

3. Elbow Extension
Place you elbow on the bench and joint should be at the edge. Using your other hand, straighten your elbow. Stretch as far you could without any pain. Perform it 10-20 times.

4. Elbow Flexion
This exercise is opposite of extension. You need to place your elbow on the bench and using your other hand bend it. Bend it as far you could. Make sure you do 10-20 repetition.

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5. Triceps stretch
Stand tall with your back straight. Hand that is experiencing elbow, raise it tall and place it on your lower neck and with other hand, slowly push your elbow. This movement will push your hand further down the spine. You hold it for 15 seconds and do it for at least four times.
These exercises must be done after consulting physiotherapist and do it for at least three times a day.

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