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Does Cellulite Cream Really Work

One of the most popular questions expressed by most women is about the removal of those unwanted cellulites. Does cellulite cream work? Actually it does not sounds odd to hear this question over and over again since a huge portion of aesthetic market is being occupied by such product and more and more brands and new innovations of same product are being produced each coming year.

Does Cellulite Cream Really Work

Who would not question if there really is magic behind those creams when almost all of the famous skin care manufacturers are making one such as Dove, Neutrogena, Hergens, Clarins and Elizabeth Arden. And the idea was also embraced by other less popular brands like Revitol, Murad and Fat Girl Slim. All of these products are made effortlessly available from $5 – $58.

But despite all these facts, the question still remains. Does cellulite cream work? These topical cellulite treatments are proven to be effective in reducing the prominence of cellulites; however, the results are not expected to last a lifetime. Actually, the effect is said to be visible while the product is being used. This simply means that your chances of flaunting your arms and legs will be again possible in just a matter of months or even weeks. Most of these cellulite removing products work by making one’s skin tighter and firmer. The product is also said to be infused on the top layer of the skin to promote cell renewal, improve connective tissue and enhance flow of blood.

A lot of women are expecting magic after the product has been applied once or twice. You should know that you should expect visible improvements at least after four (4) weeks of continuous usage of the product. Also, the application in those four (4) weeks should be done twice or thrice daily. Because of this wrong notion, many women get easily disappointed and give up early in using this topical cellulite treatment.

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Another common reason why a woman maybe disappointed in the results from a treatment cream is that her cellulite is particularly stubborn or severe. If you have being using a cream as instructed by the manufacturer and have not been seeing the expected results, it maybe practical for you to investigate continue using the cream along with more intensive spa treatments like Endermologie, Ionithermie or body wraps.

What makes these cellulite creams effective? There is one active and common ingredient in almost all of the cellulite creams and this is the caffeine.

Caffeine is the topmost active ingredient of each of the cellulite creams. It also serves as the common denominator of all cellulite cream products. It works by keeping the blood flow in the area active and agitated. In this way, toxins and other impurities that are stocked in the fat cells and fat tissues will be eliminated. But on the other hand, drinking of caffeinated drinks will not address the problem since it will not reach any of the affected areas it has to literally touch the affected areas.

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