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Do-It-Yourself Anti-Cellulite Massage

If cellulite has taken control of your wardrobe, you must learn some cellulite massage techniques, which you can use on yourself to reduce the appearance of cellulite on your skin. While a massage will not be able to “melt” that stubborn fat away, it sure can help in firming the skin of your cellulite prone areas, so that it regains its lost elasticity and moisture, and is better able to “hide” the fat stored just below it.

Cellulite Massage
Cellulite Massage

It is a common myth that cellulite affects only overweight women. But the truth is that it can affect men and skinny people too, although females have a greater tendency to retain cellulite in their skin. Moreover, since cellulite is nothing but irregular lumps of fat modules, which find their way into the lower layers of the skin through cracks and splits in the fibers, people who have excess fat in their body will be more susceptible to the appearance of cellulite. Hence, weight control and obesity control can help a long way in fighting cellulite, together with regular cellulite massage.

Self Massage In four Easy Steps

Regular massage with a good cellulite cream increases the metabolism of the affected areas. With improved blood circulation, the body is better able to release the toxic wastes stored in those cellulite formations. Note that you must drink plenty of water when you start on any anti-cellulite program, because water helps flush-out the toxins from the body. A cellulite removal massage on yourself can be done in just 4 easy steps.

  • Apply some good moisturizing lotion or an anti-cellulite cream on the affected areas, so that your hands can easily glide on these parts during the cellulite massage. You can also use some talcum powder instead of the cream or lotion.
  • Start massaging at the lowest part of your body, and gradually work your way up towards the heart.
  • Start with low to moderate pressure, using the following moves.
  • Long, sweeping strokes or circular motion, with your fingers, knuckles and flat palms.
  • Grasping your skin with your thumb and fingers and massaging it in a circular kneading motion.
  • Pinching the skin gently between thumb and fingers, and pulling it away from your body, in all directions.
  • Finishing off the session with some broad relaxing contact strokes.

Points to Remember

There are some important points that you should always remember about a cellulite massage.

  • Never apply excessively strong pressure on your skin, as it can rupture the capillaries beneath and irritate the vascular walls. If it feels painful or causes bruises, it means that excessive force has been applied.
  • The massage should be done when the muscles are absolutely relaxed and the hands should not be wet or cold.
  • Ideally, the massage should be done at least once every week, for 30-60 minutes.
  • You should always leave the massage of sensitive areas, like stomach, groin and the internal part of hips around the pubis, to qualified experts.
  • In case of heart ailments, varicose veins or any other skin problems, it is best to stay away from massage, and instead use other methods for cellulite removal.
  • The hands should be able to slide comfortably over the skin, in smooth and easy strokes, with the help of oil or talc.
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If the above points are kept in mind, a steady cellulite massage, combined with proper diet control and rigorous exercise regime, will help you diminish that “cottage-cheese” like cellulite very fast. Also read this review about simple treatment, which can help you Get Rid of Cellulite.

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