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How To Treat Discolored Toenail?

How to treat discolored toenail depends on what caused the discolored toenail. There can be many reasons why nails are discolored, such as a diet that is nutritionally deficient, toenail injury, stains, and fungus.

Treating discolored toenail

discolored toenail

To treat discolored toenail due to fungus, it is best to go to a doctor to get a proper diagnosis. The color of the toenail can indicate how far along and how deep the infection really is. Usually the first sign of a fungal infection of the toenails is yellow discoloration. The further the infection goes without treatment, the deeper the infection can spread.

If it is a fungal infection, the doctor usually will prescribe an antibiotic cream, ointment or pill to be used daily until the infection clears up.
Sometimes,  it can take from 6 weeks to 9 months depending on how bad the infection is.

Discolored toenail due to stains can be treated by simple home remedies. Home remedies such as lemon juice, toothpaste, or peroxide which have natural stain removal properties can be applied to the toes. The treatments are gentle enough for daily use, and can be used until the toenail regains its natural color.

Discolored toenail due to toenail injury can be treated with at home remedies as well, if it is not serious enough to warrant medical attention. People who play sports or are very active are more prone to this  type of discolored toenail.

When a toenail becomes injured, it can cause bleeding underneath the toenail to occur, causing red streaks, or the toenail to be completely red. It is often enough just to allow the toenail to heal on its own in this case. Sometimes however, blood can get trapped under the toenail causing it to become blackened. One may want to visit their health care provider to get that checked out if it occurs.

Discolored toenail may also be caused by a diet that is deficient in certain vitamins and minerals.  When a diet does not have enough zinc or vitamin B, nails can become discolored.

It is important to eat a balanced diet to avoid this type of discolored toenail. To treat a current discolored toenail due to diet, it is okay to take supplements, or include more nutrient rich foods until the problem goes away.

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There are many causes of discolored toenail, how to treat it depends mostly on the origin. One should always check with a physician first to rule out discolored toenail due to infection.

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