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Daily Skin Care for Acne

The treatments offered here ameliorate acne by proposing steps to reduce the hormonal surge in your blood. This will inevitably reduce the tax on your liver, which will ultimately lead to clearer skin. While the treatments mentioned herein have worked for most people, the results generally differ from people to people.

Daily Skin Care for Acne

Acne treatment through eating less red meat

While we do not want to get into a diatribe, lambasting commercial farmers for our acne skin condition, one acne treatment will then be to consume less red meat. Why not remove meat totally from our diet? Because our body require the protein from meat to grow optimally and in order to combat acne skin successfully, we need to have a balanced diet and not eating protein certainly do not help that.

On average, cows take a longer time to mature before being sold commercially as compared to chickens and ducks. As mentioned earlier, commercial farmers inject animals with growth hormones to ensure that they grow better. Hence make an effort to consume less red meat and more white meat instead since they are likely to contain less of those growth hormones.

Acne Care by eliminating sugar from diet

Primarily, most acne is caused by the build-up of solid waste in the colon. Candida yeast that have grown uncontrollably produce toxins that cause acne to appear and one of the main ingredients that feed these bacteria is sugar. Attempt to eliminate sugar from your daily diet as far as possible.

Organic sugar from fruits such as oranges and peaches will do fine, however processed sugar is not recommended. Choose vegetable juice and tea over canned drinks. On a daily basis, choose plain, distilled water over fizzy sugary drinks as they contain 8 tablespoons of sugar per can.

Reducing sugar content will attempt to starve off the candida yeast infections. Also eating garlic on a periodic basis will improve the condition as garlic is said to possess many healing properties. If you fear the odor that eating garlic may entail, eating garlic tablets will help mask the odor. Persist for few days and you should witness less acne outbreak.

Acne Care by including more fiber in diet

To remove the solid waste accumulated in the inner linings of the colon, include more fiber in your daily diet. Fiber are natural parts obtained from plants that retain a certain amount of water content even in the colon. This makes bowel movement more easy. Eat less starchy food as they are likely to cause constipation and promote candida yeast bacteria growth. As fiber move through the colon, they will also remove the solid waste that as accumulated in the linings of the colon. Alternatively, you may want to adopt the apple treatment as will be explained in the later articles. Fiber can be obtained from wholemeal bread.

Acne Care by eating less processed food

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Most processed food contains high fat and sugar content. Bile is needed in the small intestine in the digestion of fat. When your liver is overtaxed and does not produce sufficient bile to breakdown the fat and promote peristaltic action in the colon, it results in constipation. Choose natural and prepared food over industrially produced ready-made meals. Not only do these food aggravate acne, they are unhealthy for the body when eaten frequently. Hence by removing processed food from the diet, not only are you eating more healthily, you are also reducing acne outbreaks. This simple treatment can go a long way in helping you to improve the look of your skin.

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