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Create Viral Quiz Website With SocioQuiz PHP Script (with Facebook login)

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Education and Fun?

SocioQuiz PHP Script is a script that can be integrated into websites. This script allows you, the user, to create quizzes on any topic, photos , videos and much more. The script is perfect for any website , easy to integrate and powerful enough to handle large amounts of traffic. Quiz Script features a fully responsive design that allows for use on nearly any device and a user-friendly interface. This makes Quiz Script perfect for potentially viral content.

Fun Factual Features

SocioQuiz Script contains a host of features geared towards making the script simple to use and easy to integrate. The makers of the script offer excellent customer support and Quiz Script is built from the ground up to make your website accessible to as many as possible. To this end the script features:

Full Video/Photo and Custom HTML support. This includes widgets (associate and social) and ads.

Trivia/Quizz Creation Content. Personality quizzes (such as “When will you die?”) as well as score based trivia can be created quickly and easily with SocioQuiz.

Going Viral Made Easy. SocioQuiz Script has been optimized to make the process of going viral simple. This includes open graph images, twitter card images, and share prompt modals.

Facebook Login Integration. Make sure the users of your website stay connected by offering them an option to log in via facebook. This also includes the ability to integrate facebook comments into your website.

Multilingual Support. A large part of going viral is support for many languages and SocioQuiz makes this possible. Simply add in a language using the built-in language editor interface. The script includes support for Spanish and English.

Intuitive Admin Panel. The admin panel offers a host of features useful to anything you may need to address.

Built-In Analytics. The script offers user analysis and filtering which makes it possible to target potential customers – a very powerful tool.

As you can see, SocioQuiz PHP script offers a wide range of valuable features, check it out – it just may be the script you need to achieve viral fame with your web space.

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Viral Quiz Website With SocioQuiz PHP Script

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