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Create Basic CRUD in Just 60 Seconds With Laravel CRUD Php Script

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Immensely Popular PHP : Laravel

Php Laravel is a relatively new web framework that aims to simplify the use of common web-building tasks. It is one of the most popular PHP frameworks and with good reason , PHP Laravel’s open source model and response to re-defining the wheel has lead to improvements that defy PHP framework conventions. Laravel’s ease of use and plethora of features makes it ideal for PHP developers of all skill sets. Version 5.2 comes with more improvements adding to the amount of already impressive features to date.

What Makes PHP Laravel So Amazing?

As mentioned previously, PHP Laravel is loaded with features that aid in making quick, efficient PHP code that allows you to increase productivity by focusing less on project organization and set up. In addition, PHP Laravel is an open source project which means updates are plentiful and fans of the software can make suggestions and get “under the hood” of Laravel.

Prior to version 5.2, PHP Laravel already possessed features such as Authentication Handling,Routing Systems,Database Migration / Seeding,Unit-testing Systems,Query Building,Eloquent ORM,Caching,File System / Cloud Storage. Not only that but PHP Laravel is extremely well documented.

PHP Laravel 5.2 offers these new enhancement features as well:

Authentification Scaffolding : Generate plain, boot-strap views for login, registration and password resets.

Implicit Model Binding : This feature allows you to directly inject models into your routes or controllers.

Middleware Groups: Allows for the grouping of middleware to a single key for ease of use in route manipulation.

Rate Limiting : The ability to limit the number of requests an IP can make to a route.

Array Validation : Simple but powerful array validation enhancement. This also includes a bail validation rule, which causes the validator to break after the first validation failure.

Eloquent Global Scope Improvements: Eloquent global scope variables are now easier to implement and handle by using the new “apply” keyword.

If you haven’t checked out PHP Laravel by now, you should give it a try. If you have and were unimpressed now is the time to change your mind. PHP Laravel : Amazing and Eloquent.

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Laravel CRUD Php Script

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