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Complete Blueprint Revealed Easy to Follow

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online. Have you ever wanted to start selling products on the internet but did not have any products to sell? This is what affiliate marketing is all about. It is a fast, free and easy way to make money online.

Complete Blueprint Revealed

Aff marketing, as sometimes it is known, is a form of online marketing. It operates on the concept of revenue sharing. Revenue sharing means that a provider or merchant or company shares part of its revenue with the people promoting its affiliate products.

This form of online marketing has grown to a multi-billion dollar online business. Merchants or sellers have long realized that they do not have the resources to advertise their products to everyone. So they allow us to promote their products and their business. The end result is that they reach more people.

If you are new to all this, it’s best to start off with the definition. This will also help you visualize this important online money making internet tool. I then suggest you read the beginners section. Afterwards, please check out the basics.

The next step would be to find potential companies that are offering products for us to promote and sell. These are all over the internet. A simple Google search will usually reveal hundreds of such companies. You can search for individual companies or use a directory that lists many affiliate programs from various merchants. Using a directory is a faster way of finding merchants and products.

When you eventually find a suitable product, it is advisable that you check the merchant’s website for possible scams. Do this before starting to promote and sell as you will end up wasting your time and efforts. Once your checking is complete, you now can start the final and exciting phase:)

But Wait! What’s In It For Me?

In exchange for selling their products, the merchant gives us a pre-agreed percentage of the product’s selling price. This is called a commission and at the end of a specified period, the commissions are paid to us.

Depending on the agreement we have with the merchant, we can also get a commission by referring people to their business. This is called a referral.

However, if we do not sell or introduce anyone, we get nothing, meaning they save big time on advertising costs! And if we sell many products and refer many people, we make money online big time! So it is a win-win situation and fair to both parties.

Get Ready to Promote and Sell!

Once you have checked for scams and are happy with the commissions, then you can sign up with the merchant. You are now ready to start promoting and selling your chosen product. There are numerous strategies that you can use. Most strategies need a website, but you can also do affiliate marketing without a website.

And finally get to know the secret tip used by super affiliates to make big money online when using affiliate marketing.

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