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Cellulite Myths and Facts

A typical situation before the opening of the beach season, you or your friend bought a fashionable swimsuit and found admiring themselves in the mirror, he emphasizes not only the advantages of your figure … What to do and who is to blame? We offer “turn off” the negative emotions and look at the situation calmly, and not all of what you know about cellulite, untrue.

1. Cellulite, like some other imperfection appearance (weight, acne, etc.), a certificate of health problems?

Rather, it is evidence of poor lifestyle an unbalanced diet, lack of exercise, bad habits. But sometimes, health problems can cause the appearance of “orange peel” for example, hormonal disruptions.

1-celluliteRemember, cellulite is not a disease, it is a cosmetic skin defect caused by the structural features of the subcutaneous fat in women. It has no direct link with obesity.

This esthetic problem in varying degrees susceptible to almost all of the fair sex, as the probability of the appearance of cellulite, depends on the level of the hormone estrogen in the body. What it is, the higher the probability of the appearance of cellulite.

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Mild forms of the appearance of cellulite are not harmful to health. But the higher stage of cellulite, the harder it is running shape, the more time you spend on the fight against it.

2. “Orange peel” can be overcome through diet?

No. It has long been known that the unsightly appearance of the skin and aggravate fatty salty foods, caffeine in large quantities, and so on. N., Delete “harmful” or by adding one or another product in the private menu of beauty, we can achieve more weight loss and improve skin, but rarely reduce the “orange peel”.

Let us illustrate this. Eating foods rich in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids help restore the health of the skin, but do not get rid of cellulite. On the advice of experts focus on raw vegetables, steam and baked fish, vegetable oils, herbs, beans, herbal tea, cucumber, carrot, cabbage, celery juice and pure water.

And in order to avoid problems with the skin, should be excluded from the diet of fatty meat, salinity (canned vegetables, snacks, fish snacks), spirits and beer, sausages and other foods with artificial additives, refined carbohydrates (sugar, pasta, white rice), carbonated water. It does not have a tightly at night to eat large portions, smoke and drink a lot of coffee on an empty stomach.

Thus, a diet will not help. But proper diet combined with fitness and anti-cellulite treatments will maximize cope with the severity of the “orange peel”.

3. The predisposition to cellulite is passed genetically from mother to daughter?

Yes, genetics is one of the main reasons for the appearance of cellulite. “Guilty,” however, is not only heredity but also the nature of cellulite a physiological feature of each of the fair sex. The female body has more lipogenic enzymes that contribute to the accumulation of fat and larger fat cells.

Simply put, it is arranged so as to store fat more quickly and efficiently, and the male body, in contrast, provides a fast and effective fat burning. As a result, women lose a high-energy substance slowly, and the men slowly accumulate it. But there is good news: the training of blood and lymph vessels can reduce the factor of bad heredity.

4. Can you get rid of cellulite completely?

Unfortunately no. But experts console us, to remove irregularities and “dimples” and restore the smoothness of the skin can be, and very effectively. To make the “orange peel” absolutely invisible, it takes patience, perseverance and self-discipline is very tough. If you keep the body toned, cellulite will not have a chance to take the upper hand over us.

5. Anti-cellulite cosmetics “removes” the imperfections of the body, if it expensive and quality?

No, although it is a very popular myth. Anti-cellulite cosmetics can only be a complement to the home and salon treatment against the “orange peel”, exercise and nutrition. There are many effective cosmetic procedures and tools that will help improve the appearance of the skin, make it smooth and naturally smooth. For example, hand-cellulite massage, body wrap with brown algae, exfoliation, thalassotherapy, LPG-massage, special body mask.

Experts stress: Anti-Cellulite means do not necessarily have to be expensive, much more important than price and brand presence of beneficial active ingredients that fight the “orange peel”.

Carefully read the label and look for including:

The organic iodine. It draws excess fluid from the subcutaneous tissue, prevents edema, provides detox effect.

Caffeine. It accelerates the breakdown of fat and reduces subcutaneous fat.

Pepper red. It has a powerful warming effect, increases the intensity of the metabolism in subcutaneous fat and muscle tissue. It stimulates the burning of body fat, improves microcirculation, reduces swelling, helps get rid of cellulite.

Green coffee. It has an intense and long-lasting moisturizing effect on the skin, it maintains its elasticity and prevents aging. It prevents the formation of stretch marks effectively nourishes, regenerates and smoothes the skin.

6. Homemade recipes to combat the “orange peel” give the same effect as a salon treatment?

Regular body wraps, massage with honey, coffee peeling, and other similar procedures, which you can spend on their own, have a good effect, but it does not go to any comparison with the professional salon programs.

Even if you will do the mixture to a massage or wrap, the hand of a professional home just will not. Also, if you have not done wrapping the cabin, you can not be aware of the contraindications. Therefore, to avoid harm to their physical appearance and well-being, and wasted time is better to resort to the salon services.

7. Those who are on friendly terms with sports, cellulite does not happen?

Sometimes. Pay attention to the athletes: “orange peel” is almost at all, some have a greater degree of other less, but tighten the buttocks cellulite less noticeable. Sport in combination with other methods of struggle does not “orange peel” develop.

Therefore, it is important to approach the problem in a complex: not only do fitness, but also to eat right, stop smoking, regular care for your body. Reduced physical activity contributes to poor circulation and, consequently, the formation of cellulite. Set aside time for daily exercise they strengthen the muscles and tissue around them.

8. Cellulite only happens to those who have excess weight?

Not only. Cellulite is even top models. By the way, very often overweight flattens manifestation of “orange peel”. This aesthetic drawback, as we have explained above, due to hormonal and genes. Therefore, it can manifest as ladies have slender and y are overweight. The appearance of cellulite can also provoke sharp fluctuations in weight, pregnancy, puberty, metabolic disorders, and alcohol and even coffee.

9. Is it true that tight clothing contributes to the appearance of cellulite?

The direct relationship between the love of narrow jeans, tight elastic underwear and “orange peel” no. However, such clothing contributes to poor circulation, blocking and slowing down the outflow of venous blood and lymph from the legs. In combination with other factors, this can lead to the appearance of cellulite.

10. It all depends on what kind of liquid you drink.

If you drink boiled and heated, mineral and mineralized water with gas and water from the tap, and the more sodas, these kinds of liquid totally effective in combating obesity and the “orange peel”. Not only sugar but also carbon dioxide Located in the appearance of cellulite factor, it retains water in the body, disrupting the microcirculation. From this cellulite is likely to become even more prominent.

Positive net effect is the key, Well and still water. A large number of the “right” of water will improve the body’s metabolism, but does not affect the visibility of the “bumps and dimples” on the skin. Also read this review about simple treatment, which can help you Get Rid of Cellulite Fast.

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