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What Causes Toenail Discoloration?

There are various factors responsible for toenail discoloration such as medications, liver illness, low quality nail varnish, jaundice, nicotine, and chemicals from the usage of hair dyes, diabetes, creams

causes toenail discoloration

like Dithranol, anti malarial medications, agents used in chemotherapy, etc. The brownish discoloration of the name plate is caused by the antibiotics which lead to nail lifting.

Bleeding under the nail, smoking and melanoma are the other causes of toenail discoloration. White spots on the toenail appear if there is an injury to the nails which also leads to discoloration of toe nails. People who reside in very hot and humid areas are most likely to face this problem.

Toenail Discoloration

This discoloration of toenails is common among the adults which can be a result of fungal infection. The common symptom of fungal infection is toenail discoloration which is due to dirt which gets trapped in the nails.

Foul smell, crumbled toenail, dull toe nail, thickened nail are some of the other indications of discoloration. It may lead to removal of the nail from the name plate if it is not treated at the right time. There is a fungus called Onychomycosis which is contagious and spreads easily from one person to another.

The keratin which is present in the nails is affected by this fungus. This can be easily spread if the person uses the shoes or socks of the person infected with this problem. This problem continues as long as there is no air circulation for the toes, wearing shoes and socks on wet feet, not removing them after any exercise.

If a person is infected with fungal infection, consult a doctor and get treated. Creams which are anti fungal are mostly prescribed by doctors, which are very much helpful.  Oral medicines like terbinafine and itraconazole are also helpful in treatment of such infections.  Nail lacquer and nail paint which are anti are used to treat this.

Follow some safety measures like keeping your nails short, using a separate scissors; make sure not to get injured to the nail, wearing proper shoes with proper ventilation to keep the foot neat and dry. Toenail discoloration is a result of an infection, hence you should try to avoid.

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With the simple measures listed above and taking care of your foot and keeping it away from dirt, avoiding injuries, keep changing wearable’s regularly, use flip flops which are comfortable to wear and get treated immediately if affected with infection. With above all mentioned precautions your feet is free from toenail discoloration.

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