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Causes of female infertility

Even with a strong desire to have a baby a woman can face such a terrible diagnosis, such as infertility. This pathology of the organism in which the woman is unable to conceive children after a year of regular, unprotected intercourse.

A woman can not have children initially (called primary infertility), and can acquire it as a result of certain disorders (secondary).

Signs of infertility in women
1. Frequent sexual acts in the course of a year or more.
2. Unprotected sex life;
3. The existence of a good semen of the partner;
4. A woman aged from 20 to 46 years;
5. The availability of favourable conditions.

In General, infertility is often without any symptoms, but all the same it is possible to determine this deviation after observing such symptoms in adolescence:
– Irregular periods;
– Menstruation begins later than usual (after 16 years);
Is a long menstrual cycle;
– Menstrual discharge barely noticeable;
– Insufficient weight to the body;
– Congenital disease of the female genitals.

You need to remember that with each abortion the chance of having a reduced. Also very much at risk women who have disorders of the nervous system or any gynecological disease and abnormalities. Such diseases include:

Causes of female infertilityThe presence of only one of the ovaries;
Obstruction or poor patency of the fallopian tubes;
The pathology of the oocyte;
Hormonal disturbances and in consequence of the violation of ovulation;
Deviations in functioning of the genital organs of women (polycystic ovaries, cysts, etc.);
Inflammation in the ovaries and appendages, inflammation in the uterus that are chronic;
Infection of the genital organs, especially the congestion and lack of treatment for a long time.

Of course, the presence of one or more of these factors does not mean a woman has infertility. But even if so, do not forget about the fact that medicine has advanced far ahead and can give a chance to become a parent if desired.

There are some cases when a woman does not give birth to: the removal of fallopian tubes or their ligation, removal of both ovaries or the uterus. But under such circumstances, you can be the mother of a child who really needs them. After all, how many kids waiting for moms, even if they are not biological.

The causes of infertility
The main reasons for that may be signs of infertility are:
Hormonal failure;
Damage to the fallopian tubes or ovaries;
Difficulties in the maturation of the egg;
Malformations of the cervix (cysts, inflammation, tumors);
Disturbances in the robot of the thyroid gland;
Diseases of the adrenal glands;
Plays a significant role of age, as with age, a woman has less chances of getting pregnant;
Stress and disorders of the nervous system;
Diseases that are sexually transmitted;
Bad habits such as: alcohol, Smoking, poor diet, unhealthy for the female body;
Bad, polluted environment plays a role in the attempts of women to become a mother;
Problems with the immune system;

Of metabolic disorders.
As for conception, you want the sperm met the egg in the fallopian tube, any deviation (after abortions, interference in the peritoneal cavity and ectopic pregnancy) and inflammation in the uterus, pathology can complicate the task and lead to the fact that a woman can never give birth.

Undoubtedly, in order to identify the infertility, the woman needs the advice of a specialist (gynecologist). Then a very important role to play in gathering information on women’s health. So you need to find out:
The presence of the disease in the patient (trauma, surgery, infections, pathology);
Find out what the patient complains about (long-term absence of pregnancy, how she feels, the body weight and its changes, secretions, menstrual cycle, psychological state);
Heredity (diseases in gynaecology, infections and other diseases of relatives, illness of the mother, age of parents at the moment of conception of the child, presence of harmful habits, age and health status, as well as the age and health of the partner);
Characteristics of menstruation (the age at which menstruation occurred for the first time, the regularity of menstruation and its duration, the existence of any violations);
Sexual function (when I started to live a sexual life, how many partners had a number of marriages, the frequency and quality of sexual intercourse used contraceptives);
The presence of children (the process of birth of the child, complications at birth or perhaps after them);
The ongoing examination or treatment (their course and tolerability).
Research methods the patient can be divided into two types:

Such methods of investigation for infertility to help assess the current condition and identify any deviations from the woman. In this case, inspection is performed and estimate the condition of mammary glands. Checked the condition of the skin, attention is drawn to the mucous membranes, is determined by body type and character body hair. In turn, investigated the thyroid gland, and then the stomach, measured body temperature and pressure.

There already is a gynecological examination that involves laboratory and other examinations and tests. For example, functional tests contain the following items:
– Measured primarily by your body temperature (basal);
– The cervical mucus is analyzed and measured quality;
– Studied the activity of sperm.

Infertility treatment
Many women are looking for ways of how you can cure infertility. The main goal of treatment is to eliminate the factors that led to this pathology. Subsequent steps become:
1. Correction and elimination of illnesses and diseases;
2. Strengthening of the body;
3. Psychotherapy.
While some factors can be carried out operations:
Tuberculosis of the genital organs;
The disease more than 10 days;
Women aged more 35 years;
A small length of fallopian tubes;
Frequent inflammation and all sorts of aggravation of the uterus, ovaries and appendages.
There are many different cases when infertility in women is characterized by certain shifts of mental and emotional health that can be manifested in hysterical, precisely in the period of menstruation. A woman can feel lonely in such days, inferiority. Such women need to consult with specialists (neurologist, psychotherapist) during treatment.

To prevent infertility or to be able to cope with them, should be monitored regularly by a specialist and, of course, to monitor their health and way of life!

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