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What are the Causes of Joint Pain?

This is a common question among many as joint pain is a common problem. However, there are many causes which include arthritis, sprains, injuries, strains, tendinitis, bone cancer and avascular necrosis among others. This pain can be mild or extreme in that it may go away after a short period or last for months.

What causes joint pain?

The cause of the pain should not be a worry as the pain can be managed through drugs and physical therapy among other treatments. All the managements are geared towards pain and inflammation relief in order to restore the joint function.


Experts have worked hard to answer the frequent question; what causes joint pain? This is because joint pain is a serious problem as the pain affects the normal lifestyle. It affects ones livelihood and interaction with others including family.

It is not normal to have creaking knee joints and hip pains, even at older age. The pain might be caused by arthritis and therefore, expert attention is mandatory. The expert will recommend exercise, drugs and other alternatives.

Experts are important as no average person can tell what causes the pain. It might be the joint, a tendon or even just the joint area. The expert will do an examination and determine the fact behind the pain. It is also important to consider individual inactiveness, lifestyle, joint contracture and motion loss. These contribute significantly to joint pain and during pain management they need to be tackled.

After answering the question; what causes joint pain? Experts have come up with pain management strategies like exercise and other applicable products. A majority of those suffering from joint pain have gotten relief through exercise. People who do not like to move and can sit down the whole day are prone to joint pain.

Joints become stiff with less movement. Even when sitting, it is important to frequently change posture. When at work, take a break and stretch out or even walk a little bit. For those in offices, performing some tasks while standing can really help.

Well done exercise is never harmful to the joints as perceived by some people. There is a lot of evidence supporting the positive impacts of exercising. Those who do regular exercise to either loose weight or maintain, minimize their chances of getting joint pain from osteoarthritis.

Experts have proven that exercise enhances bone density and joint function. These help in the prevention and elimination of osteoarthritis, which is the major cause of joint & knee pain. Exercise is the common relief but our customers have successfully used products like Agel FLX to relieve their joint pains.

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