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Causes and symptoms of scoliosis. Methods of its treatment

From time to time, sitting in third hour at the computer or reading another book, one must pay attention to your spine, which can suffer from poor lifestyle. Scoliosis is a peculiar curvature of the spine, which can be acquired or occur subsequently to the injury, and may be congenital. The disease is dangerous as it can lead to other diseases. Moreover scoliosis constantly discomfort.

The types of scoliosis
The spine can be bent in different ways and have such types as:

1. C – shaped
This type of scoliosis is the simplest and indicated only a single arc of curvature. Such a scoliosis is more common of all other species. Identify a scoliosis is not difficult. People with S-shaped scoliosis when tilted, has an arc of curvature on the back, which is similar to the letter S.

2. S – shaped
In this type of scoliosis there are two arcs of curvature. Because of this, the spine is in the form of the letter S. two arcs, one of them is primary and the other additional (compensatory) that appear to align most of the body. If the curvature develops in the left side, you should have a curvature and to the right. To see to diagnose a scoliosis, you need to undergo x-rays.

3. Z – shaped
If a person is progressing this kind of scoliosis, the spine means 3 formed of the arc. And the third are not as bright as the first two. So, the most severe pathology, which is rarer than the first two, can be diagnosed with x-rays.

Treatment of scoliosisThe causes of the disease
Scoliosis develops in humans as a result of different factors that can affect the muscles and of course bones that relate to the spine. These factors may include:

Different stress, depression, hormonal disruptions and various fractures. These factors very much affect the normal growth of bones in athletes and young people.

Injury, different types of tumors and other changes in the structure of the spine. All of this brings a higher probability that a person exposed to the likelihood of his scoliosis.

All sorts of diseases that are genetic in nature, in women that affect their health (both reproductive and physical).

Problems with coordination that can be inherited and cause a scoliosis person.

Different physical abnormalities contribute to the emergence of imbalance in the muscles and spines. This can lead to changes in posture and scoliosis.

Congenital disorders may be the splitting of the spine. In this case the spinal canal remains open, which causes the occurrence of scoliosis, or even spinal cord injuries.

The symptoms of scoliosis
Sometimes, scoliosis is asymptomatic, with no apparent curvature, which can only be seen a good specialist. But from time to time (or permanently) close to man, even the man himself might notice some things that depart from the norm:
1. The asymmetry of the blades, which can act;
2. Permanent stoop;
3. Frequent back pains, which are aggravated during standing or after walking;
4. The asymmetry of the hips or shoulders;
5. Deformed thorax;
6. Incorrect head tilt;
7. Neck constantly moves forward;
8. The slope on some of the sides more than on the other;
9. The girls may have Breasts of different sizes in adolescence.

If the shoulders are asymmetrical, and one of the races put above another, it means that scoliosis occurred at the level of the pelvis and its treatment need to resort to surgery. Or you want to insert a parenthesis. For such treatment it is important to determine the cause of the disease, location of the arc curvature and its size.

If the person begins to complain of back pain after walking, long standing (seats), then scoliosis is a more serious form. Such scoliosis, over time, may differ muscle spasms or characteristic growths on the spine. This causes the pain.
Scoliosis in the early stages the turnover does not cause any discomfort and are diagnosed by a specialist.

To diagnose scoliosis in several ways:
Medical examination. During the medical examination is performed a special test. It lies in the fact that the person just bends, keeping smooth knees and feet together. If there is any irregularity, imbalance along the back, it could mean that this person has scoliosis. You also need to examine the chest, which can be deformed.

Tests. In order to diagnose scoliosis are all kinds of physical tests. The specialist checks the back tendons of the legs that can be hard, check the length of the legs, which can be uneven and looks for any other abnormalities.

A doctor examines a person for the presence of nerve sensations and checks his reflexes. Checks the functionality of the muscles.

The calculation of curvature. The curvature is determined with the help of kaligrafi. If the results show deviation, is assigned to the x-ray.

An x-ray. This method of calculation has scoliosis is the most effective in our time. In order to surely diagnose scoliosis need to undergo x-rays and then the doctor can prescribe the right treatment.

Treatment of scoliosis
To cure scoliosis is actually not so simple, but well there are many ways that will help to cure the disease:
Physiotherapy. Such exercises should be performed by all patients with any degrees of curvature. Gymnastics needs to develop with his doctor so as not to hurt yourself.

Physiotherapy. It should be combined with gymnastics and other procedures. But, alas, physiotherapy can help people only with the initial stage of scoliosis.

Massages. Very good curative action has a special kind of massage aimed at the treatment of scoliosis.
Corsets. Effective and very effective tool is the corset, which really helps to correct curvature of the spine.
Healthy food and vitamins.
Correct mode of the day.

Of course, not all methods will be able to help the sick, especially those who have scoliosis is severe stage. Such people no surgical intervention is necessary. But to abandon the above methods is not necessary, as they support health in good shape and it can get in the form of prevention.

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