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Cause Of Toenail Fungus

What do you do to treat cause of toenail fungus?

Cause of toenail fungus is a battle that many people fight everyday and this do this for many years in their lives. No matter what treatment option that they utilize, they still can’t find one that is going to work for them.

If this is the case, then utilizing other treatment options out there, such as those that are natural can be the best way in which to cure this fungus once and for all. However, conventional methods should also be considered.

Conventional Methods

  1. Internal Medication

Internally, the person can take antibiotics that are going to treat the fungus from the inside of the body. Typically, these work better than other methods since it is attacking the fungus right where it lives. Most doctors state that this is 70% effective.

cause of toenail fungus

  1. Topical Treatment

This involves utilizing a cream for around a year in order to make sure that the fungus is cleared out of the system. There is around a 50% chance that this will work for a person though, depending on how long that they have had the fungus and how far that this has spread.

Natural Methods

The natural method that is used to treat nail fungus involves utilizing several steps that are going to have the effects that people are wanting:

  1. Wear the nail down with a tool to decrease the thickness of the nail
  2. Apply some type of topical medication such as tea tree oil
  3. Look at your diet, fungus is a yeast type of infection and for those that eat a lot of processed and refined sugars, then they are going to cause this fungus to spread out of control, therefore look at what you eat and gage whether this is good for you or not
  4. Allow the foot to get air which means wearing no socks and shoes
  5. Soak the feet in salt water to naturally take care of the fungus that is still alive under the toenail, this is recommended to do at least an hour each day

With the treatment options that are out there, a person can pick and choose just what they want to try. They are going to find that many of these cures work for some, while others find another cure that works. The idea is to limit the fungus and give the fungus an environment in which it cannot thrive.

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All of which these treatment options can do. However, it is really up to the person as to whether they try conventional or natural methods to do this.

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