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Home Remedies for Psoriasis – Get Rid Of The Problems Faster

Psoriasis is an immune mediated disease, which has the effect on skin of the affected and leads to the red and thick skin, which causes irritation. The reason, which is considered by most of the doctors, is that when the immune system treats the skin cells as a pathogen and creates or produces more skin cells. As well There are so many remedies for this disease. The patients at their homes can carry this out. There are different kinds of medical treatments available for patients, and there are home remedies for psoriasis, as well which can be taken care of at homes.


A home treatment is considered better than other treatments for different reasons. In addition, there are remedies in which both the hospitalization or medical care and home treatment are mixed to achieve better results and health. The patients prefer remedies for psoriasis to other sort of remedies. People suffering from this disease can use moisturizer to a good extent, but many of the patients usually ignore this aspect. Followings are the few home remedies and moisturizers for patients of psoriasis:

  • Lactic acid moisturizers can be used and they are available in the market easily for patients or customers.
  • Cream, which is obtained from the milk of cow, is considered to be an effective moisturizer which can be applied by the patient on skin after bath, and it produces significant results.
  • Petroleum jelly is also good to be used in such situations.
  • Before going to bed during the night, there are certain things, which can be applied on the affected region by the patient and one of such, is garlic oil.
  • After the bath, on the skin bag balm can also be applied to achieve better results.

These moisturizers are very helpful as they help to keep the skin moist and thus it reduces the itching sensation for the patient. There are many home remedies for patients also, and some of them are as follows:

  • The person must be exposed to the sunlight as it is good for the people who are suffering from the psoriasis and helps to reduce the uncomfortable experience for them.
  • Drinking lots of water is always good for the patient unless it is asked for prevention by the doctor. Therefore, the patients must drink lots of water when not restricted by the doctor.
  • At home UVB sun lamps can be brought by the patients and used to cure the disease of psoriasis.
  • Another remedy is taking a bath in seawater as the salt in that water prevents the skin to be swelled and become red and thus reduces the itching on it.
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The treatment is better if the stuff, which is required to be used, is used in balanced quantities. Everyone knows that the excess of everything will worsen the situation. Similar is the case of psoriasis as if the patient is exposed to light more than required he may have to suffer more, and it will worsen the situation. It is recommended to contact the health care provider.

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