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Buying the Best Guardian Home Security System

Crime has been around for many years. It happens that it tends to get to higher levels every other day. Regardless of the government efforts to fight crime, it is always the responsibility of every individual to keep himself and his property safe from burglars, thieves, etc. This calls for every reason for you to be vigilant on your own premises and secure whatever you keep in your home.

It happens that at times you are not at home to look after your home. You need to go out and look for ways to make some bucks for your daily expenses. You will need to hire a security officer to look after your home if you want to have your peace wherever you are. Even so, you cannot just rely on the security personnel alone. Even them, they require other methods to help them work effectively. For this purpose, you can rely on the guardian home security systems for all your monitoring and reporting about your home.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Guardian Home Security System:

Security systems are intended for monitoring activities that take place at your premises. They should also report in real-time the happenings so that you can take accurate precautions to secure your home or to deal with any incidents of crime that might be noted in your home. In order to get the best service out of these gadgets, you need to buy the best systems for your home. Here is the guide for choosing your best home security:

1. The Ability for the System to Report in Real-Time:

Since the security system is meant for home surveillance and reporting, this should happen in real-time to help you take full control of the situation. There are different reporting options available in different security and monitoring systems. Some systems can alert you through a siren, an email, or a text message to your phone. Some have the capability to broadcast the whole premises to your remote device so that you can monitor what is going on in your house on-the-go.

2. Resistance to Extreme Weather Conditions:

Depending on the material used to make them, some guardian home security systems differ on how they can withstand harsh weather. You need to identify where exactly you need to use your surveillance systems before you go to purchase. Avoid buying systems that cannot withstand harsh environments since they may fail during a time when you critically need them.

3. Quality of Photo and Video Recording:

When you want your security system to record images and videos of what is going on in your premises, you need them to be in High Definition to help you with your investigations. You will, therefore, need to find a security system that records the instances of high quality.

4. Security as a Security Feature:

Since you are looking for a security gadget, your most concern is security. When you are recording and transmitting the videos on your security system to your remote device, you need to ensure that nobody can read or tamper with the data. It should also encrypt the videos and photos when saving them for future analysis.

5. Media Transfer and Transmission Options:

For you to be in the position to follow up on the events the security system has recorded, you need to be sure the system supports your preferred method. You should get a system that can stream the video live to your device using either Skype or any other method that is convenient for you. After recording and storage, you might also need to transfer the files to other storage media to use in your investigations.

Best 5 Recommended Guardian Home Security Systems:

1. Piper nv Security Camera:

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When you need to take the security of your home to the next new level, you need a system that will work for you flawlessly for you. You should just focus on work and your system should simply work for you. This is what the Piper vn does for you. It is a wireless system that is great for your home surveillance.

This system is available for your use without any monthly charges or any subscriptions. It comes bundled with many features that will help you to begin your monitoring job easily and fast enough. It was designed to fill the gap that most wireless security systems failed to achieve.

The day and night HD camera allows you to record video and take snapshots of what is transpiring in your house for the best reporting experience. This system also utilizes the wireless accessories that can help you to receive the happenings in your house right on your mobile device or the tablet.

You might also want to receive alerts and notifications on your phone whenever some critical or activity takes place in your house. You just need to tell the system how you would like to receive the notification and set up the notification type. The available options include text messages, emails, phone calls, and push notifications.

In short, this is by far the best home or office wireless monitoring system that does not require you to sign up any contracts or subscriptions. It is also very portable and thus facilitating your transit of the same.

Piper nv Security Camera Features:
  • There are no monthly subscriptions.
  • Sends you an SMS or email alert should there be any security breach in your house.
  • Ability to record and locally store the videos on the HD day/night camera.
  • You can choose to stream the videos of what is happening live from your premises on your phone or tablet.
  • Total protection with a 105dB siren.
  • Ability to detect motion in your house and respond depending on your preferences.
  • The included sensors will help you know whenever a door or a window is open.


2. Home8 Oplink Connected AlarmShield Home Security System:

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This is a convenient home security system that helps you to monitor your premises without the complications most security systems come with. It is an ideal solution for home owners, offices, and business centers as well. It does not matter your level of expertise with the use of security systems, either. Newbies can use this system as easily as the expert users.

This security system comes with different security features that help you to achieve the maximum out of your security system. It is integrated with a motion sensor that detects whenever any strange movements happen at your premises and reports to you. The window and door sensor is used for monitoring whenever the door or the window of your house is opened.

This security system also comes with an emergency siren that is used to alert you whenever there is a problem. The two keyfob remotes included are important for your control of the system. It also supports 24/7 surveillance by real-time email notifications and mobile push notifications. You also have the capability to control your system right from your Android/iOS mobile phone or tablet.

Home8 Oplink Connected AlarmShield Home Security System Features:
  • Mobile app (for Windows, Android, and iOS) control that allows up to five users and five emergency contacts.
  • Easy to upgrade your system in the case you need more.
  • Standard service is free with a premium plan beginning from $19.99.
  • Includes 1 OPU, 2 remote controllers, 2 window and door sensors, 1 monitor sensor, and 1 siren.
  • Remote control from your smartphone/tablet from wherever you are.
  • Fast and reliable notifications to your trusted users.


3. EZVIZ Home Security Camera Syste

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This home security system is fully wired. This system is able to withstand strong temperatures, wind, snow, rain, among other conditions. It is also dustproof.  The system allows you to use it without worrying about getting damaged. The temperature range for the operation of this system is -40 F to 140 F.

EZVIZ Home Security Camera System is capable to detect any movements in your house and take appropriate action as you want it to. You need to tell the system where it needs to detect motions. It will then send you push notifications to your mobile. It can also record the movements detected so that you can review them later on.

The HD camera system is able to detect the light in the room at different times and adjust accordingly. This ensures that only the best quality snapshots are taken for your review. The cameras are supersensitive to darkness. They can record videos when it is very dark for up to 300 feet. This means that even at the darkest places, you have total security monitor in your home.

EZVIZ Home Security Camera System Features:
  • High Definition camera can capture video of up to 1080P.
  • Ability to watch your cameras from anywhere at any time with the EZVIZ mobile app.
  • Receive push notifications on your phone whenever a motion is detected in your house.
  • Great recording even in night mode (100 ft.) and total darkness (65 ft.).
  • Wide view cameras (up to 107.5 degrees).
  • Fully secure with multi layer encryption system to protect your data.
  • Total waterproof and dustproof and capability to work under extreme weather conditions (-40F to 140F).


4. Uniden UDR444 Guardian:

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Suppose you found a system that can help you monitor your premises in the darkest time or conditions? What if you found one to do the same in the wettest climatic conditions? What if you found one that can achieve both? Now, I have some good news for you. The Uniden UDR444 Guardian is a wireless surveillance system that you can use in the dark as well as when the weather is wet.

This 4.3-inch high resolution portable system allows you to view images in the dark up to 500 ft. With the cameras, you can record up to 30 feet and the in-built microphones allow you to record video with this system.

This system comes with a MicroSD that allows you to record and watch up to 16 hours of video playback. You can as well watch the surrounding live on skype or on your PC using the USB cable.

You can set up how the recording should work. Manual recording allows you to record on the on-demand basis. Time intervals allow you to record your videos at a given time and wait for some time to elapse before another recording is taken. The automated motion-detection recording relies on movements. It will then record at that time so you can see what caused the movements.

Uniden UDR444 Guardian Features:
  • Three recording options.
  • Ability to save your recording to MicroSD or watch live on Skype or PC.
  • Ability to add more cameras for more controls.
  • Rechargeable battery with auto-power save mode.
  • Auto-save in the case of a drained battery.


5. Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System 8-piece Plus Package:

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This wireless security system works just out of the box. I comes with pre-programmed sensors that together work in an instant. There is no complicated setup process to install this home surveillance system.

Every aspect of this security system is customizable. You have full control on how you want the system to work specifically for your home. You are also sure of your security as the system does not rely on phone lines to work in your home or office. Its system is safe and much faster than phone lines.

Installing this system does not require any mechanical work either. It means that you have nothing to damage when you want to set up this home security system. It is ready to work immediately you want it to.

With the mobile application, you can easily manage your security system from wherever you are at any time. The mobile app is available for Android, iPhone, and Windows Mobile. You will also receive SMS and email notifications for any reporting you have set up.

Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System 8-piece Plus Package Features:
  • Sensor that monitors your doors and windows.
  • High-caliber detection of movements.
  • Detection of Carbon Monoxide.
  • Panic button included for emergency alerts.
  • Wireless freeze sensor.
  • Remote control of the system from anywhere with the mobile app.
  • Dedicated cellular system that does not rely on phone lines.
  • Many more features.

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