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Best wordpress plugins reviews 2019

WordPress is an award-winning online publication software. It is used to set up websites and blogs for different purposes. WordPress has been used by millions of website owners worldwide including big brands and government websites to back their online presence. All this is made possible by the fact that WordPress is extendable to fit your needs. With both free and paid plugins and themes, you can modify any WordPress installation from a mere blog to a dynamic website that serves you just the right way you want it to. You, however, need to know that the best WordPress plugins are not the free ones since they have limited functionality. If you want unlimited full control over your website, you need to consider purchasing premium WordPress plugins.


Today we will learn how to choose the best WordPress plugins for your website. However, before we do that, we need to look a bit about WordPress itself. Here is a short history of WordPress.

WordPress was invented in 2003 by a few individuals to enhance their writing on a daily basis. With time, wordPress has been developed to the full stature it is now. Millions of websites, actually more than a third of the total websites, are running on WordPress. Today, WordPress is being maintained as an open source project by the community of people who both use and understand the underlying code powering this awesome software.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Plugins:

Before you begin installing any plugins on your WordPress, you need to understand the plugin you are installing, its purpose on the website and the long-term impact it will cause on your website. You will not just install any plugin because you read that it is recommended. Here is the complete guide to choosing the WordPress plugins to install. Ask yourself these questions.

1. What is the Purpose of the Plugin on My Website?

Every WordPress plugin is created for a particular purpose. Some plugins may serve the same function on the WordPress website. However, you need to choose the right one. Having a website with newsletter subscription option requires that you find the best wordPress plugin to handle mass mailing or newsletters.

2. What Options Do I Get with the Plugins?

It is definitely important to understand every option every plugin will give you. As I stated earlier on in the article, you must be in a position to identify the options you need. In this way, you can tell whether a particular plugin is fit for your needs or not.

An example is if you want a newsletter plugin, the best one should allow you to have unlimited mailing lists as well as an unlimited number of subscribers. The need for this is because your website will be growing and you will need to accommodate more subscribers with different options.

3. What Security Issues Will the Plugin Have on My Website?

Some plugins are definitely not fit for installation on your WordPress website. The reason behind this is the overall security issues that most plugins bring on a website.

If a plugin was created without the issue of security in mind, it will definitely be easy for a hacker to break into your WordPress installation and cause you harm. However, well-secured plugins are a good fit.

To tell how good the plugin can be on your website, you can check on the reviews it has on the publisher’s website and across the internet. You can also type in Google search a string like “XXX for WP security” where “XXX” will be the name of the plugin. This string will give you any information regarding any security threat of the given plugin.

Also looking at the date the plugin was last updated will give you a clue of what you want to install. A plugin last updated more than several months ago is not fit because it does not meet the latest WordPress security patches.

4. What Rights Do I Get when Purchasing a Particular Plugin?

Some WordPress plugin vendors restrict you to install the plugin on a single WordPress installation. If you need to have more than one website and all of them need the same plugin, you might need to confirm the restrictions of the rights you get before you buy the plugin.

If there is an option to buy a license for different domain installations, it will be better than having to buy a single one for every install. In this way, you can save on the expenses. Again, if you are a web designer who usually purchases plugins for your clients, you might want to buy an unlimited usage license (if available).

Here Are 5 of the Best WordPress Plugins You Need to Check Out Today:

1. Optin Pressor:


This WordPress plugin is intended for people that make use of the mailing list on their WordPress website. If you need to have a premium list of subscribers, then you need to take your subscription option to a newer level.

The traditional mailing list form uses a simple name and email field. In most cases, people enter the email address they less likely use. They usually call it a “junk mail address” or something similar that is used to test out things but they are not really careful to open it.

This Optin Pressor plugin allows you to collect the real email addresses that people most often use. It utilizes the social media opt-in options to collect the data. Whenever someone uses his Google account, he will need to grant his account access and you will collect the email address. Mostly, you will have access to the most often used account.

The bets part of this plugin is that it can post on the Facebook wall of somebody if he used his Facebook account to sign up. If he grants it permission to post, he will easily share your content with his friends and you are sure to get more traffic.

Optin Pressor Features:
– Incorporate four signup options, i.e. Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and the regular email.
– Allow your subscribers to share your article or page on their Facebook profile when subscribing to your mailing list.
– Compatible with the major autoresponders and mailing lists.
– You can use this plugin on a page outside WordPress with an HTML code.
– Awesome features and plugin add-ons when you upgrade.



2. AliPlugin for Ali Express Affiliates:


If you are running an eCommerce website on your WordPress installation, then this plugin is for you. This awesome WordPress plugin adds products from Ali Express to your products. Ali Express is an online shopping where people can purchase products they want.

People looking for products on your website get interested in the listed products from Ali Express. They will then open the products and be redirected to Ali Express website with your referral link. Afterward, when they make a purchase, you will be paid by Ali Express for the purchase.

With AliPlugin, you do not need to create the products on your website. All you need to do is search for the product and add. It will then display on your storefront and everything will be automated.

AliPlugin Features:
– No market restrictions.
– No customer handling, Ali Express does the work, you receive the commission.
– The plugin can auto-translate to any language making it easy for people all over to understand. This boosts sales easily.
– Plugin auto-update allow you to run your affiliate store hands-free.
– Get live statistics of how your website is doing.



3. WishList Member:


Have you ever thought of running a membership website? With this type of a website, you can choose how you want to present your content. If you are publishing items that you want to give a members-only access, then this is the right plugin for you.

The WishList Member plugin changes your ordinary WordPress website into a full membership website with different levels. When you publish content, you choose what to share with which membership level. You can create as many levels as you wish with WishList Membership.

You can either choose a single domain installation or multi-domain installation when you order. Multi-domain version allows you to run your WishList Member plugin on different domain names that you own. However, if you want to install WishList Member for client websites, then you need to buy a special license for the same. In this case, you will need to get in touch with the plugin publishers for a quote.

WishList Member Features:
– The simple installation gives you full access to your membership website and full control.
– It has inbuilt integration with many different payment processors for the membership purchase.
– It fully integrates with shopping carts easily. Your customers can either buy products and services or membership straight from your website. This becomes essential if you want to offer some products to either members only or include it in pay-per-download.
– You can create unlimited membership levels and allow your members to switch from one level to another at their wish.
– You have the option to create three types of membership, i.e. free, trial, and paid. You can as well set up your website to auto-upgrade or downgrade your members after a given duration.
– You have the option to pause or cancel the membership of individual subscribers at any given time.



4. InstaMember:


InstaMember is another WordPress plugin for membership. You can use this membership plugin to automate subscriptions on your website so that you give access to those members you wish to.

InstaMember is created to be simple. It is meant to help you to build your membership site without any hassles. All you need is to install the plugin on your website and activate it and your website is set up as a membership site.

With this plugin, you can protect site information you want to keep private with a password. All subscribers can enter their passwords to gain access to the website content.

This plugin can easily be integrated with many eCommerce solutions as well as affiliate systems. You can also use different payment processors as gateways for your members to pay you for the membership.

InstaMember Features:
– Integrates with different payment gateways, eCommerce plugins as well as affiliate system plugins.
– Ability to handle two-tier affiliate systems.
– It automatically integrates with the popular GoToWebinar.
– Easily sell products, membership, and subscriptions.
– Automated customer service setup.
– Make up-sells and down-sells with the click of a button.



5. InstaBuilder:


If you are an internet marketer, you most definitely need to set up landing pages for the products and services you are selling or marketing. However, more often than not, this is an overwhelming task that requires you to do a lot of things in a sequence. You need to get the right theme, create the content, integrate the required plugins to give extra features, etc.

This problem now has a simple solution – InstaBuilder. With InstaBuilder, you can create landing pages for any products in a few minutes. The landing pages meet all the requirements to supercharge sales. For instance, you can create landing pages that are fully responsive within minutes.

Another thing is that this plugin comes bundled with awesome themes for you to choose from to set up the landing pages. All you need to do is choose the template, use the drag and drop option to build out the layout, and add content with an easy HTML editor.

InstaBuilder Features:
– A page builder based on the famous drag & drop.
– Responsive design adapts to mobile and tablet devices.
– More than 100 templates ready for you to choose from.
– Two and Three step authentication protection.
– Inbuilt image editor.
– A single-click HTML converter.
– Export and Import option to manage backups.
– Scarcity Builder.
– Split testing.
– Many more features.


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