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Best VPN Service Reviews 2019

Best VPN Service

HMA is the Best VPN Service Provider!

People always want privacy and security wherever they are and whatever they do. The same case applies when on the Internet. Nobody will be pleased when others are snooping at whatever action and direction one takes in his online life. I know you too need to protect yourself. Sometimes it is also good to protect yourself when transmitting data online. This is because some data is too sensitive to be transmitted through the Internet plainly. In this article, I will guide you through how you can protect your data and online activities with the best VPN service.

What is a VPN?

Before we rush into details, it is good to first understand what a VPN is. In this way, you will be able to follow promptly as we progress. VPN is an acronym that stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a kind of connection that blocks any snoopers on whatever you are doing whenever you get online. In other words, it creates a tunnel that you alone are traveling on the internet journey.

When connected over a VPN, you are protected from all hackers, your ISP’s Internet logging, etc. You can safely transact business online without the worry of anybody copying your data. A VPN network also protects your computer data from Internet hackers that try to connect to your computer.

Who Needs a VPN?

VPN services are the best way to protect yourself and your computer and data whenever you go online. It works best together with a premium antivirus. While the antivirus scans your local computer and the network you are connected to for any malicious software, your VPN creates a private path you use to travel online to prevent any outside attack on your connection.

A VPN service is a must-have for most online entrepreneurs. Any online transactions need a VPN service to protect your data from being invaded. Sometimes a hacker can change and inject a malicious code to your software as you download. In this case, a VPN will protect you.

If you are banking online, a VPN is not an optional thing. It is a necessity. You must protect your valuable data when you log into banking websites, carry out transactions, etc. This will prevent any bots from scanning your activities online even as your antivirus protects you from any key-loggers.

Why Do You Need a VPN?

Best VPN Service Reviews 2018

As stated above, VPN services are meant for security and privacy protection. There may be different reasons for different people to need a VPN service. You might need a VPN service if:

1. You Want to Bypass Your ISP Regulations and Restrictions:
Some ISPs do not allow people to surf given websites. An example is streaming media on YouTube, or even on Facebook and other social networking sites.

What if you are learning and you are referred to a YouTube channel to watch a video so that you can better understand what you have been learning? You will definitely need a way to connect. This is where a VPN will help you since your ISP does not read whatever connection is between your computer and the remote server.

2. Protect Yourself – Data, Credentials, etc.
When you use a VPN service to connect to the Internet, you will avoid any hacker trying to manipulate the data you exchange with the remote server. Some hackers may have the intention to read the data you transmit online, including the credentials you use to log into websites and other applications. A VPN prevents the hacker from doing so.

Some hackers also have the intention of manipulating how your computer works so that they can read your data (including saved credentials, applications, and files) on your computer. They can achieve this by injecting malicious code on the software you download.

When you have installed the software, theirs is also installed alongside and the hacker has full access to your computer when you go online. The hacker’s code/software can collect data and send it to the hacker as well without your notice. This is yet another reason you need a VPN whenever you want to go online.

3. Conveniently Access Yor Database Wherever You Are:
Since some ISPs do not allow connection to some servers, you might have a hard time connecting to your local database while you travel abroad. It is essential to get a VPN to allow you to connect to your database from wherever you are without limitations.

Since a VPN allows you to use the Internet without the restrictions of the ISP, you can easily access your database at high speed whenever you are abroad without having to worry of the capping from the ISP you use to connect. This improves convenience and productivity.

4. Improve Personal Privacy Online:
best-vpnIn as much as some people and websites claim that surfing the internet is private, this could be wrong. Your IP address is always logged whenever you get connected to the Internet. Every website has your IP address logged. With this, they will tell where you come from.

In other words, if anybody hacked any server you have ever logged into, they can tell that you have been logging in there, how often you visit the website, app, or the server. They can as well read your trend on the server usage. With all the data they collect about you, they can begin to estimate your lifestyle! You know what implications it may have.

As though that is not enough information, IP addresses are bookmarks to given network addresses. In other words, people can use your IP address to tell the ISP you use and your exact location on a Geographical map. The only exception is when your ISP assigns you a different IP whenever you connect to the Internet. However, this can only happen if you use a dial-up modem, which is not suitable for most online activities and businesses.

In order to protect your privacy, you need to protect yourself by hiding your IP address. You can achieve this by the use of the best VPN service provider.

How to Choose the Best VPN service Provider:

Before you go on to subscribe to a VPN service, you must understand it in full and make sure it suits your needs. Not all VPN services offer the same services. In this guide, I will list down all the things you need to consider before you choose the best VPN service provider for your job. Afterward, I will review one of the best VPN services. Keep on reading for more.

1. Security is Key:
As I mentioned above, security and privacy is the key role of a VPN service. It, therefore, translates that you need the best protection of your data when you use a VPN. To achieve this, the best VPN service provider should have the following on their server:

a). High Server Security Certificate:
vpn-securityA server certificate (SSL) is a method that remote computers use to protect your data while transmitting it between servers. There are many SSL certificate providers on the Internet. However, not all certificates offer the same amount of protection. You can do your research online to determine whether the SSL your VPN uses is strong enough for the data you are transferring online.

b). The Server Must Be Protected by an Antivirus:
An online antivirus helps in scanning and protecting data saved and transmitted online through the server. For a VPN to work well for you, it is necessary that it be protected. If you find out that the VPN you are subscribing offers little protection, then it is worse than working without a VPN. This is because you will be avoiding hackers and paying to use a service that can be invaded by other hackers.

2. Find a VPN that Allows You Unlimited Access:
Different VPN providers give you different levels of access. Some do bill according to the features they offer you. However, the best VPN service provider for your business and personal use should not limit your internet connection.

The reason behind this is that a connection that is not capped will give you the capability to use your services without any worry. Capped connections may give you worries especially when you have tight deadlines to fulfill. You should also avoid VPN services that only give you access for a given duration per day or week or per month. This is because they create inconveniences. If you happen to have a heavy task to accomplish, you will soon run out of your allocated quota.

Server availability is another issue that can affect the availability of a VPN service. If the VPN has only a few servers to run on, it is most likely to be congested when more people begin to use it. This will make it be unavailable at times, making it a frustration. As if that is not enough, server congestion can make your connection as slow as it can be.

3. Quality of Customer Care Service:
A VPN with no customer service is as good as dead. You cannot expect much from a VPN service that cannot help you whenever you are stuck or have an issue. For this reason, you need to look around at the VPN services and read reviews online about what other people are saying.

If you can find a friend or relative that uses a VPN service, you can ask them as well. They can tell you how the service they use has been taking them. Getting it direct from clients is a more solid confirmation than just asking the provider.

Even so, you can also look at how long the VPN has been operating and how many clients it is currently serving. If a VPN service has been around for long enough and the customers are increasing over time, the chances are that it is one of the best VPN services on the Internet.

4. Service Availability in Different Geographical Locations:
As I wrote above, one of the reasons you might need a VPN is to be able to access your database or service when you are traveling abroad. This translates that for a VPN service to serve you better, you should not be limited how you use it from wherever you are, or at least in most of the countries, you might be traveling to.

To achieve this, some VPN service providers have set up servers in different locations of the world. These servers allow users to connect to the VPN central server easily without losing the connection and data over the air. In this way, your connection to the VPN and to your destination server is made without hassles wherever you are. Therefore, you need to scrutinize the VPN providers to ensure that they have the connectivity network that will enable you to be able to access your remote services without the possibility to fail or lose connection.

5. VPN Connection Convenience without Device Limit:
vpn38In the modern era when people connect to the Internet from different devices, you need to find a VPN that is able to protect your connection regardless of the device type. Some VPN services have the possibility to connect only through a given OS, which gives you very limited access. In other words, you are not protected unless you sign in with the machine where you have the OS compatible with the VPN.

Some other VPN providers have clients and configurations for PC devices alone. They tend to forget that mobile device users, including mobile phones, tablets, iPods, and Smart TVs are becoming more every other day. In this way, the connection to the Internet is now being made through these devices more than the ordinary PCs. When you are searching for the best VPN service, you need to get one that is compatible with different devices as well as OSs. If the VPN does not meet the criterion, you are less likely to find it helpful.

On top of this, under this perspective, lies another very important issue. How many parallel connections can you make to the Internet? If you are using your PC for normal; internet tasks and your mobile devices to stream media online, etc., you should not be limited to only a few connections. It is, therefore, a necessity to find a VPN service that allows you to connect to the internet with the same account over multiple devices. This will give you the convenience for your home and office needs.

In a Summary:
Now that you know how to choose the best VPN, it is the time I want to introduce to you one of the best VPN services in the market. It is a comprehensive review that you should use to understand it in depth and at the end of the day I know you will love it. You will then go ahead and subscribe to their services for your ultimate online privacy and security.

And Now,

Your Ultimate Best VPN Review – Hide My Ass:

What is Hide My Ass?


Hide My Ass is one of the best VPN providers in the world. This service has been running for the past eight years (as of October 2016). It is one of the most reliable VPN services on the Internet. However, earlier on, since 2005, Hide My Ass had been running as a free proxy server before it finally launched as a VPN service.

Since its launch, Hide My Ass has been serving many clients from across the globe and they are still getting more signups as time goes on. The increase in the number of clients over time reveals that HMA is the best VPN service you can ever get. However, you should not just use this one statement to make your decision. Keep reading to learn more about HMA.

When it comes to your home and office security, you can rely on HMA for distinguished services across the globe. Hide My Ass has all the tools that you need for the secure connection between your computer to your remote server regardless of the network you are using.

Available globally, this service is reliable for usage no matter where you access it from. You will realize that Hide My Ass is the solution for your business globally.

What Are the Facts that Make Hide My Ass an Outstanding VPN Service?
As you read from above, I have highlighted the things you should look out for when deciding the VPN service you want to subscribe to. When looking at Hide My Ass, we can as well identify what makes it outstanding from the rest of the VPN services you see around. Here we go:

1. Full Service with a Single Subscription Plan:
2016-10-30_20-58-40You do not need to start asking yourself what you need when you want to buy a VPN service from Hide My Ass. All the features are included in a single package and sold at a flat rate. However, the prices vary depending on the subscription level you want to pay for.

If you purchase Hide My Ass for a longer period, you will expect a discount for the service. This translates that subscribers who pay on a per-month basis end up paying more than those who pay quarterly or semi-annually. You must then avoid those scams that will require you to pay more to access full service on the VPN.

2. Multiple Server Location Across the World:

vpn35Have you ever imagined going to any country and connecting to the Internet as though you are at home? With over 940 servers in over 190 countries across the globe, Hide My As is your ultimate companion when on trips. Wherever you are, just log in and access the internet and transact safely as if you are at home. No need for any extra subscriptions.

3. Single Plan, Multiple Connectivity:
With the HideMy Ass single subscription, you can securely and safely access the Internet from different devices. You can use your single account on all the devices that you own including your PC, tablet, phone, Smart TV, game console, etc.

There is no limit on the OS the device is running on, either. You will be able to access the Internet on HMA VPN across all mobile platforms (including Windows, Linux, iOS, etc) and on PC Windows, Linux, and Macintosh. The native clients are also lightweight to make your connection easier and faster with a great interface.

As if that were not enough, you can still access the HMA VPN from two devices simultaneously. Parallel connections are the most convenient way to have your internet access when you are multitasking.

4. Excellent Customer Care Service:
An excellent service without customer care when you need it is an absolute loss. Whether you prefer to use chat or direct phone call, the HMA customer care is prompt and ready to assist you with whatever question you might have regarding their service. You do not need to create a ticket that will stay for days or weeks without being replied.

5. Complete Privacy as Per Your Choice:
Whenever you connect to the Internet with your HMA VPN account, you have the option to choose the server location. This can help you to appear to be wherever you intend to. This feature also allows you to access the information that is only intended for the local people of a given region. It also enables you to bypass the ISP restrictions on visiting given websites.

Apart from that, you can always change the IP address that appears online whenever you connect to the Internet. All you need to do is click or tap on the “Change Location” button. Nobody can ever track your activity online even in anonymity mode.

Best VPN Service

HMA is the Best VPN Service Provider!

6. Complete Reliability:
Backed with a 30-day money back guarantee, HMA is the best VPN service you can come across. If you are not satisfied within 30 days of your subscription, you can cancel your subscription and ask for a refund. This is one guarantee that the service is excellent and you need to try it out.

If you want to experience, you need to try out the service. Do not just read the words. Go to Hide My Ass here and register. If you find any glitch with the service, you can cancel the subscription and receive a refund.

best vpn HMA

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