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Best Remedies For Pimples

Remedies For Pimples- Best and Easy Ways

There are different remedies for pimples you can choose from. This helps you in making the right choice suited for you as an individual. Basically, there are medications that can take care of those pimples on your face; while the other involves some practical skills.

remedies for pimples

If you want to get proper medication for your pimples, you may want to see your dermatologist. Taking medication is one of the remedies for pimples you can opt for if you do not feel comfortable with home remedies. However, there are over-the-counter drugs you can purchase and apply to eliminate those pimples.

  1. Retin-A- This drug is one of the best in taking care of pimples. However, it comes with side effects like dry skin and redness. These side-effects make it important for you to take this drug on prescription by your doctor. Nevertheless, once you begin to notice these changes you can change your medication or visit your doctor to get some help.
  2. Antibiotics- Since bacteria are the cause of pimples, antibiotics posses the power to eliminate them so as to clear off those pimples.
  3. Benzol Peroxide- This drug unplugs oil ducts, kill bacteria and also aid in healing those pimples.

Remedies for Pimples– Home Remedies

Home remedies for pimples demand some more actions from you when compared with the use of medications. There are lots of them in use today since many suffering from pimples are uncomfortable to get to their doctor’s. Once of such remedies involves washing your face with a warm bath before applying things like cornmeal over affected areas. Secondly, you may decide to put white paste on the affected areas after warm-bathing your face. However, in all you do at home never force those pimples by squeezing. This can cause severe side-effects. It can cause the bacteria lodged in the pimples to spread around other areas, thereby leading to more pimples. If you do a good search online you will see  lot of home remedies that work efficiently.

Remedies for Pimples– Eating Well

Water is known to be a good combatant against pimples. Take lots of water to help clean up your system and make your skin look fresh. It is advised that you should even have a bottle of water by your side anywhere you find yourself. Keep drinking to a better skin and more beautiful you. Apart from more water intake, try to cut down on meals rich in oils and sugar if you want to see some good results with your fight against pimples. One big point for you ladies is that you should employ make-ups that are not oil based.

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If in doubt about the best approach for you, seeing the doctor is a very good head-start. Commit to eliminating those pimples and staying free from them after your skin is regained. This you can do by eating healthy. With all these in place, any of the remedies for pimples you choose will work efficiently and restore your beautiful skin again.

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