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Best Night Vision Monocular Reviews 2019

Best Night Vision MonocularWhether you are into business or just for fun, you will find out that monoculars are handy. They are devices that will help you to see things in the night more clearly than you are able to see with your naked eyes. They make objects that are far to appear close enough to vision. They also help in magnifying the light around the object so that the object can be clearer.

Before you go shopping for your night vision monocular, you need to be aware of the differences between each make and model you see out there. In so doing, you will be in a better position to judge which one will suit your needs. In this article, I am not going to talk about each model you find out there – actually, there are so many that I cannot finish, while others are still unfamiliar. However, I will highlight the different features you will need to look out for. This is how you will distinguish one from another. In short, there is no specific best night vision monocular in general. They are designed to be best according to what you will use them for, where to use them, etc.

Here Are the Things to Consider when Buying the Best Night Vision Monocular:


1.Image-Rendering Quality:

A night vision monocular that is able to give you a higher quality image enables you to see things clearer. The higher the quality, the better the view. It also means that when the quality is better, you are able to see objects that are further away through your night vision monocular.

You also need to be aware that better quality comes together with price. You also need to prepare yourself for the same. In this way, you first have to analyze your needs and be sure whether you need the best quality or standard. When you do so, you will avoid spending on what you do not need.

2.The Weather Condition and Environment You Will Use Your Night Vision Monocular:

The best night vision monoculars are able to penetrate through extreme conditions. For instance, if your monocular is able to see through when there is pitch darkness, then you have landed something that is of the best quality. If you are going to use your night vision monocular when there are showers, thick clouds, etc., then you need something that can withstand the darkness. This can easily be found out by use of the night vision gear.

The night vision gear is what determines how clearly you can see in the dark with your night vision monocular. This is calculated by three different variables, namely: the photosensitivity, the system light gain, as well as the system sensitivity. The higher the number in each, the better the vision you can make out using your night vision monocular.

3.Compare the Gain against the Magnification:

What do you need more than the other? If you get a night vision monocular with a higher magnification, then you will be able to see objects that are further away. This ability allows you to zoom the vision of the object close enough as you need. However, you will need to know that the more the magnification power of a monocular, the less the light gain. You will, therefore, need to be sure what you need more than the other.

4.Mounting Options:

The best night vision monoculars give you the option to mount it on the head, weapon,or even to carry it freely. In this way, you have full control on how you want to use it. Mounting the night vision monocular on the head gives you the capability to use it handsfree. You can use the hands on other things.

The night vision monoculars that can be mounted onto weapons allow you to target the object (animal, etc.) that you are hunting while holding onto your gun. You will be able to target it better when mounted this way.

The Top 5 Best Night Vision Monocular:

After you have known how to choose the best night vision monocular, it is now time to check out the market for the available options. Here I have listed the five top rated night vision monocular that can serve you better for your task. Look at them and choose the one that is ideal for your purpose.

1. Armasight NYX-14 GEN 3+ Alpha MG Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monocular with Manual Gain, Black:

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This is a new compact design monocular in the market. It is of a high standard and useful for multi-purpose. Its optics are equal or even better that what the current military force uses in their night vision monocular.

This night vision monocular is built in a compact, tough and comfortable housing. It is meant to provide stress-free handling. It is also resistant to rain, humidity, salt water, as well as extreme temperatures. The monocular can still provide the highest performance even when the conditions are at the extremes.

The Nyx-14 MG come with a manual gain control. You can choose the image brightness level manually. This gives you the flexibility to use the monocular in any environment. It is fit for multiple tasks.

Armasight Nyx-14 3 Alpha MG comes with different accessories for different tasks. The helmet or head mount gives you the capability to use it as a mono-goggle. It also comes with a mount for weapons to enhance your hunting experience.

In the case where you are interested in the magnification power of your monocular, you get 3x, 5x, and 8x magnification lenses. These lenses enable you to view mid-long distance objects. The additional high powered IR illuminators enable you to carry out long range hunting.

Armasight NYX-14 GEN 3+ Features:

– The manual gain control allows you to adjust the monocular to suit the particular environment.
– Mountable to both the head and weapons giving you the options you like.
– Auto bright light cut off.
– Ergonomic controls that are easy and simple to use.
– Single AA or CR123A lithium battery.
– Useful for multiple tasks.


2. Pulsar Quantum XD38S Thermal Monocular:


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Featuring an OLED display and a microbolometer sensor with a high resolution, the Pulsar Quantum comes with seven palette color modes for optimal viewing. This makes it suitable for different scenarios. This monocular is very lightweight, making it ideal for long distance travel. It is also built with a wear resistant material to enhance durability.

This monocular can withstand extreme conditions and harsh environments. The “white hot” and “black hot” options allow you to make a distinction between different objects up to 1,000 yards away.

The digital zoom capability, which allows you to magnify up to 8x, not only makes long distance objects viewable, but also makes closer objects viewable in details. This Quantum is an ideal solution for surveillance activities, locating evidence, accident investigation, fugitive searches, search & rescue, tracking & recovery, etc.

Pulsar Quantum XD38S Thermal Monocular Features:

– 50Hz refresh rate which is greater than most products.
– White-hot and black-hot viewing target.
– 7 color palette modes.
– 2.1x magnification and 2x and 4x digital zoom.
– Ability to detect and view more than 1,000 yards distance of human size.


3. Pulsar Digital Night Vision Attachment Forward DFA75 with 50mm Cover Ring Adapter :


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This is a new innovation in the monocular technology. It features the only Pulsar Forward Digital Front Attachment, a Digital Night Vision Attachment. This is the first and only attachment that can be used on any daylight riflescope to bring the night vision capabilities.

The Charge Couple Device chip used in the digital deep space astronomy gives this Pulsar Forward DFA75 Monocular the capability to offer ultra-sharp images. This is not only in normal conditions, but also even when the conditions are not favorable for night vision.

It also comes with DFA Digital Night Vision Attachment rings of different sizes. These rings are useful depending on the diameter of the riflescope optical bell diameter. In this way, you can be sure that you are going to get the best attachment possible.

You have to permanently attach the adapter to the optical bell of the telescopic sight. In so doing, you make the mounting of the DFA quite easily. Whenever this attachment is not in use, the adapter will then fit into the protective cap that covers the lens of the optical sight in the day.

Pulsar Forward DFA75 Features:

– It converts the ordinary daylight riflescope to a powerful night vision riflescope.
– It has an electronic windage/ elevation adjustment that enhances precision shooting.
– It can be transformed into a 10x monocular by use of an eyepiece accessory that is shipped separately.
– The images are of a high quality and resolution.
– It is resistant to extreme light conditions and exposure.
– It is highly resistant to water, humidity, etc.
– It operates under a wide temperatures range of between -20 and 50 Celsius.
– You can use either internally installable batteries of AA size (4 pieces) or use an external source of power.
– Video Out socket can be used to record your operations.
– It comes with a programmable wireless remote control.


4. Pulsar Digisight 850 LRF Digital NV Riflescope:


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This digital night vision monocular gives you more features than the analog night vision monoculars. Firs of all, you can use this night vision either in the day or in the night without having to worry that it could get damaged.

This particular monocular comes with an internal Laser Range Finder. This is an outstanding feature that enables you to have an improved range estimation. With this, you can range out up to 450 yards. However, the detection rate is up to 650 yards.

The tilt and elevation indicators enable you to maintain the accuracy when shooting in the long-range. It is also able to calculate the correct horizontal distance between the rifle and the target using the angle of elevation. When you turn this feature on, you will be at a position to set the correct angle for shooting uphill or downhill.

Pulsar Digisight 850 LRF Features:

– 650 yards detection range.
– Integrated Laser Rage finder that enables you to calculate the actual range.
– Improved accuracy with the tilt and elevation indicators.
– Magnification of between 4.5x and 9x.
– Both day and night detection.
– Bright light exposure resistant.
– Indicator for low battery.
– Automatic shutdown.
– 2x digital zoom which has continuous zoom mode.


5. Pulsar LD19S Thermal Imaging Scope Quantum Monocular:


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The thermal monocular is designed to work in close to mid-range. It is also ideal for use both in the day and at night. The thermal imager uses the heat signature change technology to identify the image even when there is a very slight change in the field of view.

The Pulsar LD19S Thermal Imaging Scope Quantum is capable of seeing through rain, smoke, fog, etc. and can identify things that can not be seen in well-lit viewing condition.

The 9Hz frame rate of the LS19 allows for adequate image speeds. The germanium glass lens that ships with the Quantum monocular allows for the maximization of the thermal radiation transmission to the microbolometer.

Pulsar LD19S Thermal Imaging Scope Quantum Monocular Features:

– OLED display.
– White hot and black hot viewing modes.
– Three calibration modes, i.e. Manual, semi-automatic, and automatic.
– 1.1 magnification.
– High resolution display and refresh rate.

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