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Best metal detectors reviews 2019

Metal detectors are used to identify metals nearby. You can use a metal detector to find hidden metal in other objects, underground, etc. In some cases, metal detectors are used for security in stadia, airports, conference halls, public meetings, banking halls, etc. to find out if anyone is carrying a weapon or anything that can cause harm to the people. Other uses of metal detectors include identification of minerals, identification of metal in dump sites, etc.

Features of Best Metal Detectors:


Best Metal DetectorsBefore you purchase any metal detectors, you need to understand the features that make them the best metal detectors. There are varying features that you need to look out for before you purchase yours. Here are the main ones you need to know.

1. The Sensitivity of the Metal Detectors:

Different metal detectors have different sensitivity rates. This is the measure used to determine what it can be used to identify. Metal detectors with high sensitivity are used for the identification of metals that are not deeply buried. Those with low sensitivity are the ones that can be used to detect the presence of metals that are buried deeply, or minerals in the depths of the earth. Some metal detectors give you the ability to adjust the sensitivity level. The best metal detectors should allow you to do so. This is a requirement if you intend to use the metal detector for different purposes and under different conditions.

2. Discrimination Capability of the Metal Detector:

The ability of the metal detector to distinguish different metals is called discrimination. The best metal detectors have the ability to identify the metals present in any given area you want to use it. For mining activities, it is the best thing used to identify the presence of certain minerals in a place. However, the levels of discrimination vary in different metal detectors. The best metal detectors should be able to identify and differentiate different metal deposits in the earth where you need to carry out mining activities.

3. Calibration Capability:

The best metal detectors have the capability to distinguish between different minerals in different soils. Some metal detectors have low calibration and others have a higher calibration. Metal detectors with low calibration often tend to respond to false signals outside the scope. However, modern detectors give you the ability to adjust the calibration level to allow you to use them in different environments.

4. Depth Indicators:

Some metal detectors have the ability to inform you on how deep you have to dig to get to the object or metal. While mining, you are able to use this feature to understand the type of mining you need to employ to get out the minerals. It will also let you know how long it can take you before you can really begin extracting the minerals from the earth. Here we have compared the best metal detectors you can check out to identify the one that can suit you. Whether you are into mining or security reasons, you can find the best deal for you.

The Top 5 Metal Detectors You Need to Check Out:


1. Fisher F75 Metal Detector:


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This is a multi-purpose metal detector. It can be used for relic hunting, gold prospecting, as well as coin-shooting. It features a large LCD screen with a target ID. The LCD screen has an always visible menu. This metal detector uses a Digital Shielding Technology. This technology allows you to make use of the maximum sensitivity while providing protection against background noise. This enhances the detection experience while reducing user fatigue. The Fisher F75 comes with a 5″and an 11″ detector coil. The Cache Locating Process feature allows you to identify large objects that are deeply laid. The Boost Process is for the increased depth identification. The Fisher F75 comes with a five-year warranty, giving you the confidence of the product you are purchasing in terms of quality, durability, and dependability.

The Fisher F75 Features:

– Non-volatile memory is capable of saving your setting until your next usage – up to .
– Double-filter discrimination allows you to search in trashy areas without having to worry about the confusion of the available metals.
– It is lightweight, meaning it is portable and non-tiresome.
– Double-D waterproof search coil.
– Powerful performance.
– Numeric identification display.
– Five years exclusive warranty.


2. White’s MXT All Pro With White’s  Go-Detecting Kit-800-0342-AMZ:


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This high-quality metal detector employs the latest technology in metal detection. It is like having a combination of three metal detectors. The new features, high performance, and durability make it an ideal asset in the metal detection activities. It is light-weight. You will not get any fatigue while using it, even for long hours. The White’s MXT All Pro also comes with discrimination and target ID features. These features allow you to accurately detect the presence of given metal components in the soil. These features are as well accurate and you can expect the best results from your search activities. The display has a backlight, which allows you to carry on your search in even poorly lit areas. The automatic ground balance gives you hands-free balancing on how the detector should work on any given ground.

White’s MXT All Pro Features:

– Automatic ground balance.
– Backlight display that allows you to do your hunting in places that are poorly illuminated.
– Seven tones to ID for target identification.
– Three different modes of hunting, i.e. the Relic Mode, the Prospecting Mode, and the Coin/Jewelry Mode.


3. Minelab X-Terra 505 Metal Detector:


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The X-TERRA 505 is a high-performance metal detector. It has advanced capabilities. This ensures accuracy and performance of your metal detector. It also has the ability to detect metals at greater depths. Apart from that, the discrimination feature allows you to identify the type of metals buried underneath. The X-TERRA 505 has a capability orf full frequency, which makes it an ideal metal detector for coins, treasure, and relic hunting. This is a great performer as well. You can trust the detector for your daily jobs. It is also very easy to disassemble and reassemble, making it easy for the travelling man. You do not need to worry about how you are going to carry your metal detector while on trips and vacations. The LCD display allows you to easily read the feedback easily. You have no need to start learning how to familiarise yourself to strange sounds, behaviours, etc. of metal detectors. The pinpoint feature allows you to accurately locate the exact position of the metal deposit before you begin digging out. This helps you to reduce the amount of space you have to dig out when doing your hunting.

The Minelab X-TERRA 505 Features:

– Choice of up to 4 tone IDs, as well as multi-tone IDs, allow you to control how the targets are presented.
– Compatible with Low frequency, medium frequency, and high frequency by changing of detector coils.
– Ability to cancel noise with diverse setting options allow you to choose the quietest hunting experience.
– You can easily adjust the mineralisation by the use of a 0-50 accurate ground balance.
– The pinpoint mode allows you to detect the exact position of the deposit before you begin digging.
– The ability to use either the speaker or the headphones give you the flexibility in using the metal detector.


4. Minelab gold metal detector

Minelab- x-terra-705-gold-pack-metal-detector

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The Eureka Gold is one of the world’s most adapted detector for Gold lumps. It operates on triple frequency technology and thus makes prospecting easier than ever before. The low frequency of 6.4 kHz allows you to detect metals that are buried deep in the earth. The medium frequency of 20 kHz gives you the option for general detecting. When you need to identify the smallest particles of gold, you need to turn on the high-frequency mode of 60 kHz. This option can only detect gold deposits that are close to the surface. The new microprocessor controlled discrimination circuitry makes sure that your detection is up to the maximum. This removes the doubts and the guess-work in metal detection. In this way, you can be sure to collect a maximum amount of gold. This gold detector is ideal for people looking for a super-performing metal detector. It, however, is also quite affordable to allow for pocket flexibility.

The Minelab Eureka Gold Features:

– Triple frequency technology allows you to set appropriate detection mode.
– VLF technology allows you to easily access the detector with the “switch and go” feature.
– Ferrous discrimination gives you the top capability to reject iron deposits.
– The “ACCU-TRAK” ground balance with digital control allows you to detect gold at a more depth.
– It comes with a rechargeable battery.


5. Minelab E-Trac Metal Detector with 11″ DD Search Coil and 3 Year Warranty:


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This is the most advanced detector in terms of technology from Minelab. It incorporates the Full Band Spectrum as well as the Smartfind discrimination. This allows you to detect metals that are deeper than most detectors can actually detect. The sturdy design makes it easy to use, even in areas with other objects. This E-TRAC metal detector also comes with a clear LCD screen for display. It also features a lightweight coil that allows you to do your metal hunting work without worrying on bulk. The comprehensive targeting options also allow you to accurately detect the presence of metals in the area. The USB interface allows you to download your detector settings, discrimination settings, and user modes as a backup to your computer. This feature allows you to save your most successful settings for later work. It also allows you to create different profiles suitable for different environments.

Minelab E-TRAC Metal Detector Features:

– The FBS technology enhances more accurate identification of metals.
– The independent ferrous and conductivity rejection allows you to easily set up patterns to keep away unwanted metals.
– Exchange USB technology allows you to create a backup of your settings, user mode, etc. for different environments, etc.
– The ground setting option allows you to set the optimum condition for the detector to give most accurate results.
– The keypad is user-friendly, making it easier to use. It has a logical menu system as well as very intuitive icons.

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