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Best Compact Refrigerators Reviews 2019

Compact Refrigerators are meant to keep your food and snacks in a cold or frozen state whenever the need arises. They do not take up too much space and are, therefore, portable. You can easily carry them along whenever you are on travel, for example on holiday. These compact refrigerators can also be good to serve you while at school or office. They essentially reduce your trips to and fro the malls and even the kitchen. Some compact fridges are larger than others, while others consume less power than others.

Compact refrigerators are often more valuable during summer when the weather is hot. During this season, you need to keep your drink cold so that you can cool yourself whenever there is the need. There is a need to make your choices correctly when purchasing a compact refrigerator. Choose one that fits your requirements, meets the standards, and does not tear off your pocket.

How to Choose a Compact Refrigerator:


Choose a Compact RefrigeratorMaking choices is sometimes tricky. You need to consider many different facts and ensure that you are doing something you are comfortable with. When it comes to choosing the best compact refrigerator, you need to ensure that the one you go for is not going to hurt you in the long run. For this reason, you need to be careful about the things you must consider while making a choice on compact refrigerators. Here are the tips that will guide you while making your choices before purchasing a compact refrigerator.

1. The Amount of Space Available:

– If you have sufficient space, you can purchase a compact refrigerator that is larger. It will help carry more than small ones. However, if you are restricted on space, then you need to go for one with minimal space consumption.

2. Ability to Lock the Door:

– If you have the option to lock your compact refrigerator, you will be able to avoid the inconveniences of anybody tampering with your stored stuff. This works well if you are going to use it in your office or school dormitories. Well-fitting doors also prevent the possibility of losing energy and lowering efficiency.

3. The Design and Layout:

– Some models are made with a dispenser at the door. This is a good place to keep the cans, jars, and bottles. The inside can be made from something like wire, glass, etc. Some compact refrigerators have shelves that can be slid, lowered, or raised. You can also remove the shelves altogether to increase the space. You have all the options to look for when it comes with structure.

4. Power Consumption and Regulations:

– Some compact refrigerators consume more power than others. You will need to go for those that do not consume much of your power. In some states, this factor might be minor while it could be a great factor to consider in other places, especially where power is expensive. If you are planning to use it in an institution like a school, be sure to confirm whether or not the school regulations ban the use of such electronics.

While making these comparisons, please note that some of the things here tend to be interrelated. For instance, the less power consuming compact refrigerators are the ones that are large and consequently take up larger spaces.

Here are the top 5 Compact Refrigerators You Can Have a Look at and Choose One that Suits You:

1. Engel MR040F-U1 Marine Fridge Freezer (AC/DC), 40 Qt:

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This is a highly durable heavy duty type of cooler. It works both as a fridge and as a freezer.  You can use it to keep your food fresh for long under cool temperatures. You can also freeze it if you like. This is crucial if you are planning on a long trip.

The swing motor compressor is energy-efficient as it uses around 40% less energy used by typical compressors. You can also use the Engel fridge/freezer on either AC power of 110/120V or a 12V/24V DC battery. This makes it convenient to carry to places where electric power is not available or reliable.

The Engel freezer can survive extreme conditions and can last long. Whether you are on travel or you intend to use it at home, this product will serve you with no hassles. Included is the manufacturer’s warranty of two years. This assures you that the product you are purchasing will serve you to your satisfaction.

Engel MR040F-U1 Features:

– It uses both AC and DC making it ideal for use on transit and whenever you are out of AC power supply.

– It is both a fridge and a freezer in one.

– It is a high-performance model.

– It is durable and comes with a two-year warranty.

– It keeps things fresh for a long time. You can use it while on a long journey.

– Energy efficiency makes it use your DC battery for long without draining it.

– It is spacious enough to carry stuff sufficient to run you a week and more.

– The temperature adjustment knob allows you to set up the desired temperature.

– The fridge cools things faster and it is noiseless.


2. Edgestar 80 QT Portable Fridge/freezer – Grey:

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This is a portable fridge and freezer all in one. It has a high storage capacity and can hold a large amount of food. The Edgestar also comes with different wired baskets to facilitate your food storage. This gives you a choice of how to keep your food in the freezer.

This Edgester has easy control options to make your handling and use easier. The AC and DC power supply allow you to use the fridge wherever you are, even when you go camping. If the battery runs low, you will see a “LOW” indicator led light so that you can change the power source to either an AC or another DC battery.

The Edgestar is quite light compared to many other makes. This feature makes it good to carry around and for long distance journey. The Edgestar is also durable. If you handle it properly (and sometimes carelessly), you can be sure to have it last for a long time.

The temperature range of the Edgestar is between -8 and 50 Fahrenheit. With deep freezing, you can make your food turn cold quite fast.

Edgestar 80 QT Portable Features:

– It can store both fridge and freezer foodstuff.

– 83 Qt storage capacity allows you to store sufficient food to last you for long.

– Both small and large storage baskets enhance your storage experience.

– Fast freeze mode allows you to cool your freezer and food faster.

– The “LOW” indicator helps you identify when you are running low on power.

– Digital temperature adjustment control enhances accuracy.


3. Avanti AR5102SS All Refrigerator, 24″/5.1 cu. ft., Stainless Steel:

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This Avanti type of refrigerator is made up of stainless steel. This ensures that the product lasts for long. The reason behind this is that steel is more durable than most metals and it is resistant to rust. Steel is also stiff and does not easily break.

The fridge is compact by design, meant to take up little space but hold much. It is made in a way that it can be installed as built-in or as a freestanding. This gives you the options you might want on how to use it in your premises.

The fridge comes with a dual-function display for monitoring the temperatures. When you want to ensure that you keep the temperatures right, this option will allow you to avoid mistakes.

This Avanti fridge comes fitted with a stainless steel door that is fixed with a handle made of stainless steel as well. The door has a reversible swing that enhances the convenience of using the unit.

Fitted with removable chrome shelves that have dividers, the fridge becomes easy to handle and use whenever you want. You might want to replace, rearrange, or remove some shelves whenever so that you can make use of this compact refrigerator however you want. By so doing, you can decide the size of foodstuff you can store in the fridge. It also enhances how you arrange your stuff in the fridge.

Avanti AR5102SS Features:

– Digital temperature control (ranging from 34 to 43 Degrees).

– Dual usage – as a built-in or as a freestanding.

– With the removable shelves with dividers, you can store any size of cans, jars, bottles, and containers.

– Door and handle made of stainless steel and have the reversible door swing.

– The compact design (24″ in width) ensures you can pack more and yet use less space.


4. Norcold NRF30 Refrigerator (Top Open 30L Fridge/Freezer):

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This refrigerator is portable, making it ideal for outings like picnics, camping, etc. It can also serve you good when attending conferences. You can just pack it in your car, and come for a snack bite when you are free for a break. The Norcold NRF30 lightweight feature makes it ideal even for long journeys.

The refrigerator is fitted with an electronic internal temperature control. This allows you to easily manage the temperature of the system and the foodstuff to your liking. The compressor is well sealed and has an inbuilt low voltage protection mechanism.

The lid that comes with this refrigerator is quite easy to remove or reverse. The heavy duty handles are also easily removable.

This device is durable. This is enhanced by the plastic exterior and an interior made from stainless steel. This helps you to avoid corrosion even as you use your refrigerator.

The battery adjustable levels prevent battery drain while in use. These levels are three in number and you choose what level you want your battery not to go below while in use.

The “refrigerator only” section of this device ensures that your food does not freeze when kept in that section. This is ideal when you have a mix of both foodstuffs that you want to be frozen and those you do not.

Norcold NRF30 Refrigerator Features:

– Comes with an electronic temperature control to easily manage temperature you want your food to cool at.

– “Refrigerator only” section prevents your food from freezing.

– Air-tight sealed compressor.

– Best battery protection that has three levels you can choose from.

– Indicator lights warn you in the case of installation problems.

– Comes with a two-year limited warranty. This assures you of its durability.


5. EdgeStar 63 Qt Portable Refrigerator Freezer:

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This is a two-in-one refrigerator and freezer. This refrigerator is portable, making it easy to carry along on your journey. The EdgeStar FP630 is spacious enough to carry your desired amount of food for the occasion you intend to use the refrigerator.

The EdgeStar FP630 works just like a typical home freezer, only that it is small enough to save your space or fit in your limited space. The metal walls are insulated to prevent heat gain/loss and can keep your food cold, even when you do not have electricity.

The dual power supply allows you to carry it wherever and whenever you want. When you are around your home or office, you can use the ordinary power source you always use in your daily routine. While on transit, you can make use of your car for power supply.

The adjustable temperature range is between 8 and 50 Fahrenheit. On top of that, the “Fast Freeze” button allows you to cool the food as fast as you want by rapidly lowering the system temperature to 8 F and keeping it at that level.

This system comes with two removable baskets made of wire. This allows you to carry as much as you want. You can decide which basket to remove or keep so that you can adjust the size of cans you can carry along. It also has comfortable side-grip handles that facilitate transportation.

EdgeStar FP630 Features:

– It comes with dual power supply options.

– It is portable and easy to handle.

– A “Fast Freeze” option for quickly cooling your food when in a hurry.

– Ability to keep food cold even when there is no power.

– Compact design allows maximum capacity while utilizing the least space available.

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