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Article Marketing Advantages -15 Top Benefits of Creating Articles

Internet marketers know all the article marketing advantages inside out. And it is these article marketing advantages and benefits that make article marketing one of their most highly prized promotional methods to make money online.

Article Marketing Advantages

This is not difficult to see why, given the numerous advantages of article marketing:

Article marketing is a free way to make money online because it costs nothing (except time) to write articles.

This method is easy because all you have to do is write more articles.

Article marketing, as a way to make money online, has stood the test of time and is still going strong.

You decide your writing schedule – you are able to write when you want, as the article directories are open all hours of the day just like the internet.

Writing articles attracts visitors to your site, possibly thousands, depending on the size of the membership of the article directory.

Article marketing is also used to build backlinks to your site (see example here). Backlinks or inbound links are fundamental to help your site in moving up the rankings in search engine results.

Since search engines love article directories because of their fresh article content, article writing is also a another  way to get your site indexed fast.

Articles generate free traffic as opposed to paid traffic. First, because the article itself costs you nothing to write. Second, if your article ranks high in search engine results, then you also gain traffic from web searchers or surfers.

Since your article has a link to your site, it can be said that your site ranks at the same position of your article in search engine results. This is one of the most important advantages of article marketing.

You build credibility, which is so important for doing business on the internet. By writing good articles on topics you are familiar with, you establish yourself as an expert in that field. And people follow experts and their product recommendations. For example Ezinearticles rewards top contributors with a Diamond Level membership. Here is how I got my Ezinearticles Diamond Level.

Besides giving relevant information about your topic, article marketing can be used as a sales tool. To be more exact a preselling tool. Preselling is the step before selling. If preselling is done well then your conversion ratio (presold visitors that convert to customers) could shoot up, resulting in more sales.

Once your articles have been accepted by article directories, then your article will remain there for many years. This results in a trickling effect – your articles will keep on producing a trickle of visitors for many years.

Articles written by you can be converted into other formats to increase leverage. For example articles can be converted into powerpoint presentations, video, audio and adobe pdf format. These can then be submitted to directories that accept these formats for more exposure and links.

Guest blogging is another way of using articles to your advantage. Rewriting an article you created is all that is needed. Then submit to a blog accepting guest blogs and you gain more exposure, a backlink and more readers.

You can submit your article to ezines that always need content. If successful your article will be emailed to the ezine email subscribers resulting in lots of traffic and hopefully sales.

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