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Another Ways To Get Rid Of a Cystic Pimple Fast

Cystic pimple is a type of pimple that quite large in size and sometimes emerges from the beneath surface of the skin. This will be quite painful compared with usual pimple, so when someone has cystic pimple, this would be more likely and increase the risks of leaving scars or pockmarks thereafter.

Get Rid Of a Cystic Pimple Fast

Get Rid Of a Cystic Pimple Fast

Cystic Pimple is not a dangerous disease, but sometimes we may feel annoyed because of this problem. This will make someone lose his confident due to the pimple that disrupt primarily in the facial skin. In general, any small pimple you have will always leave a scars when the it is gone.

Cystic Pimple is also fairly large in size, is much bigger compared to ordinary pimple because it causes very severe inflammation in the skin tissue. In addition to the larger size, it also sometimes will be quite painful. Cystic Pimple can grow anywhere around the face or even on the other area of the body, such as chest and back.

It’s a must for you to understand about how to get rid of a cystic pimple fast overnight naturally at home. Actually, you can try the treatment of cystic pimple naturally below or you can also go with medical treatment by the skin experts or dermatologist. But, we know that medical pimple treatment by dermatologist is sometimes too expensive for us, so personally i always prefer using natural remedies. There are several ways to treat cystic pimple naturally that would be very safe and will not causing any dangerous side effects.


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Noni juice in one of the best treatment for cystic pimple. With the consumption of noni juice regularly, this can eliminate cystic pimple and also other types of pimple. The way is also very easy. The first step, you can take a noni fruit and then blend it, do not forget to adding in several teaspoon of sugar.

You can blend it until smooth, after that you need to filter this juice and boil it. Once you done that, pour it into a glass. You can consuming this noni juice every day. Of course this will assist you in removing the existing pimple on your face and very healthy for health. Because, this fruit is very effective in cleaning the dirty blood in your body.

Noni leaf

In addition to the noni fruit, treating cystic pimple naturally can also using the noni leaf. There are several ways to use noni leaves as a natural treatment for cystic pimple, one of them is, you can take some of noni leaves, furthermore, you need to heat it up above the candle. Next, you can attach the noni leaf directly on the pimple area carefully. You can do this treatment routinely, like twice a day until the pimple completely disappeared.

Bitter melon

The next way is to use the leaf of bitter melon. Bitter melon leaf also able to treat cystic pimple naturally. How to get rid of cystic pimple using bitter melon ?, easy !, you need to grab few bitter melon leaves then clean it. After that, you need to mashing these bitter melon leaves until smooth. Furthermore, apply this to the affected area and let it stand for 10 to 15 minutes, then you can clean up your face and pat dry using a towel. This treatment can be done every morning and night for maximum results.


Treating cystic pimple with lemon is very effective, especially for those of you who have oily facial skin combined with pimple. There are several ways to create a natural mask using this lemon fruit, one of them is, you can use one tablespoon of lemon juice water combined with white egg, then mix it until evenly distributed. After that you can apply this mask directly on the affected area (IMPORTANT : Do not let it hit your eyes.!!). Furthermore let it stand for approximately 15 to 20 minutes, and wait until the mask dries. Then, you can clean your face using warm water and dry using a towel.

Those are several important things about cystic pimple, including the causes and also the effective ways on how to get rid of a cystic pimple fast overnight naturally at home. The most important thing is, when you go with natural remedies, then you must be little bit patient, because these are natural stuff’s and need sometime to give you the result. But, if still do not see any progress after few weeks for example, then it’s always better to go to the skin expert or dermatologist, in this way you can get better handling for your cystic pimple.

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