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Addicted to Popping Pimples

How many times have you done this? Probably countless times. But does it mean that you’re
addicted to popping pimples? One of the things that tend to push us to it is anxiety. If you’re
anxious you’re more likely to try to fix them than the times you’re not. This has also to do with
personal image and the way you want people to perceive you.

Addicted to Popping Pimples

Many people don’t want to walk with white zits on their face, so they’re committed to keep their face as smooth as possible. If you happen to be a perfectionist, the issue of popping pimples may be even more tempting. Let’s take a look at how anxiety relates to popping pimples.

Addicted to Popping Pimples

Anxiety is a very common is issue these days. Especially during the financial crisis. People
losing their jobs and nonstop bad news in the media coverage. That all contributes to anxiety and
nervousness. There are many ways to deal with is. One of them is medical treatment. If you are
in a state of deep anxiety I highly recommend meeting your doctor for further information.

Also a good way to drop anxiety levels is not concentrating on native information and negative
situation in your life. Try to concentrate on the positive side of everything. You’ll be way
happier and the problem of popping pimples will go away. If you are the kind of person that
worries too much about his/her appearance you may overemphasize your acne.

A lot of people try to remove every sign of acne on their face. This may come from the fact that
they really don’t like the way white heads look. When they think about it, it grosses them out.
One the things you can do about it is to accept the way your face looks.

Just don’t worry about other people and their opinion. If you happen to start thinking and considering popping small pimples, just accept them and think about the long term advantage and that popping them right away may cause and usually does scarring. Perfectionism usually contributes to excessive
popping pimples.

Perfectionists often can’t resist knowing that they have some white heads on their face. In their
view, face has to be perfectly smooth and if something comes up they immediately feel the urge
to remove it. But the fact is that your face is not going to be perfect.

All of this has to do with imaginary picture of perfection. My advice would be to just relax and to try dropping the idea of perfectionism. Instead accept that your skin requires time and proper treatment to deal with acne. These are some major problems that people encounter with acne.

Addicted to Popping Pimples

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Whether it is anxiety caused by various events in one’s life or the want to always look good and
caring about other’s opinion or reinforcing the idea of perfectionism, all of it is related to your
ability to temporarily resist the way things are as they are. I don’t think it has anything to do with
addiction. It’s just natural reaction to tension and try not to beat yourself up about it. If you are
very anxious about your acne, consult with your doctor to set up a proper treatment.

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