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About Laser Toenail Fungus Removal Procedure without Side Effect

Laser toenail fungus removal procedure is another way to cure fungal nail infection beside pills, creams, oral medicine, and natural home treatments. But, fungus removal procedure with laser just like any other cure forms; does not quickly remove the problem and you need to do it more than once if you have severe toenail fungus problem.

The fungus itself can attack not only your toenails, but also fingers. However, it is most common found on toes. The bacteria or fungus make the nails turn into yellow color and make it thicker. If you do not treat them soon, the fungus problem will become severe and make feet painful.

Laser Fungal Nail Treatment Consideration

Below is some important consideration when you want to take laser treatment to get rid fungus on your toenails:

1.Side effect of laser toenail fungus removal procedure: There is no side effect whatsoever when you take the procedure since the laser focuses on the fungus while the surrounding area such as your nails and skins do not affected at all. No pain and no harm.

2.The laser toenail fungus cost: You can expect to pay laser treatment around 600 Dollars to 1200 Dollars, however the insurance companies will not cover it because they see this kind of procedure as aesthetic matter which not so necessary.1

3.Restriction for toenail fungus laser procedure: Any ages can take this procedure because there is no harm or side effect. This is going to be great solution for those who can take drug prescription.

4.Time Frame for laser toenail fungus: Most of laser toenail fungus sessions will only take about ten minutes to remove the fungus. After that, the nails will grow normally and the fungus already killer by the laser. But, for severe condition, you may need to take several laser toenail fungus removal procedure more than once.

5.Success Rate for laser toenail fungus: Some study find that the laser treatment will effectively killed the fungus and the success rate is about 87 percent.

Consider these five points before you take laser treatment for toenail fungus solution. Now, let’s move to the procedure itself.

The Procedure of Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus

The procedure is very simple, the light on the laser will aimed directly on your toenails and without harm the surrounding area, the light will go to remove and kill the fungus. It needs less than ten minutes until finished and there is no side effect and does not pain at all. Expect for more treatment from laser toenail fungus removal procedure if you have severe problem.

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Kills Nail Fungus Infection Forever!

Laser nail fungus treatment aftercare which you need to do is just prevent moisture on your nails. Fungus is life in moist area and they can attack underneath nails or toenails surface. After you wash or soak your feet in water, you need to dry your feet quickly. Anyway, there is Noveon Laser, if you want to know, this laser uses two different wavelengths for the light. This kind of laser is not only used for laser toenail fungus removal procedure, but also for cataract surgery, hair removal, and dental things.

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