Nail fungus

There are a few ways to help nail fungus prevention as well as reduce recurring nail fungus infections. Follow these tips and start practicing good hygiene to make nail fungus for both your hand and feet a thing of the past.

Nail Fungus

Keep your nails clean by washing your hands frequently. Use a nail brush to clean any dirt under the nails whenever possible and be sure to dry them thoroughly.

Nail Fungus

Trim both hand and toe nails evenly across, and keep all nails at a short length.

Nail Fungus

Artificial nails are tempting but should be avoided. File down thickened areas using an ordinary emery board or a special nail buffing tool.

After bathing, be sure to dry your feet and hands thoroughly. Fungus is apt to grow where moisture resides, so apply anti-fungal powder or talcum powder in between toes to keep them dry and soft.

Wear appropriate socks and footwear. Ideally, you want to keep your toes dry and free of perspiration. Try alternating open-toed shoes with closed-toe footwear.

When you need to wear socks, opt for synthetic materials. Cotton or wool socks do not protect against moisture as well as synthetic socks. Remember to change socks often, especially after exercising.

If you are at the gym or a public pool or shower area, do not go barefoot.Nail Fungus

A good manicure and pedicure help keep your nails in healthy shape, just be sure the salon you are going to sterilizes its instruments or offers you your own set to bring along to each appointment.

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