How to Make Real Money Online

As I began my search across the net for the best CMP ad networks, I happened to stumble upon a well known site AdBrite. When I dug for dirt on this company, which I always like to do I was confronted with mixed feels about what Adbrite was all about some good and of course some bad.

How to Make Real Money Online

I figured I owed it to you guys to take a deeper look at the program and see what their CPM ads were really like?

Joining and account set up with AdBrite was surprisingly easy, no waiting to get approved or other nonsense we all deal with on other advertising platforms, just sign up and go!

Sadly I soon found out why, the CPM ads that were offer to my sites and blogs barely even paid anything, the first day I got over 3000 impressions and only made a few cents?

How to Make Real Money Online

Even for those who have extermly high traffic to their sites will be waiting to be paid by this program so overall AdBrite CPM SUCKS BALLS AND SHOULD BE SKIPPED!

As always guys this is just what I think about this company, due to the fact that no real money could ever be made with their CPM platform.

As always guys if you have had anything good come from AdBrite CPM ads do post your tips and comments for the rest of us to hear.

Hey guys for the last few weeks I have been getting a lot of people asking me about using CMP ads on their sites and blogs.

Think of CMP as paid per thousands impressions, which is a great way to make sure you are getting paid for all you traffic. I have found mixing these kinds of ads with Paid per click ads like adsense and inline text links like Info Links or Kontera works very well when trying to make money off your blogs and websites alike.

So lets jump right into it and start hunting down some great CPM Networks that can make us all a little extra cash online.

As always guys if you do know of any good CPM ad networks or have any questions make sure to post you comments and I will start my search for some good networks we can use to make MONEY!

Our first up when it comes to adsense alternatives is a site called, so lets take a deep look into this company and see if it can really measure up to adsense and make us all some cash.
I just went over to the Adbrite homepage to see what the site was about and was honestly displeased and here is why

Less options of ad block sizes

long wait to get paid

Lame full page advertisements that will scare you traffic away

Super low paying CPM ads

Most of the ads had nothing to do with my content meaning no clicks

The only cool things I found about Adbrite was super easy to get in and the flat rate ads which seem pretty hard to get.

Honestly I personally found AdBrite to be kind of lame and do not recommend it to anyone wishing to earn cash off their website or blog, but make sure you guys post your comments and let us all know was you guys think about AdBrite and if there is any money to be made.

This is a damn tough question, What is the best way to make money blogging?

Some people my say affiliate marketing, paid per click ad networks or even cost per impression advertising but I would have to say hard work and tons and tons of posts.

How to Make Real Money Online

No matter what kind of overall make money scheme you’ve got under you selves, no matter how great your adsense placement is, if you don’t have the traffic and content to back it up your never going to make much blogging.

I would also have to say depending on the topic of you blog or site to mix all of the above into one lean mean moneymaking system.

For example use a mix of PPC ads along sie you CPM ads and find some kind of product to sell that matches the theme oif your site.

The best advertising networks to start of with have to be of course Google Adsense, Click Bank and Amazon but you should also think about joining somekind of CPM ad network so you can make money even if you visitors don`t click you ads or buy your products.

Overall the best way to make money blogging has to be to write solid content and use ever way to can to monetize your sites content.

As always guys make sure you guys post you links and comments and let us all know what you think is the best way to make money blogging.

For the last few years millions of new blogs have been popping up all over the net and every ones trying to make a few bucks online.

So the question is can you really make money online blogging?
And the answer is yes of course you can, but you will need to work hard and stick with it because unlike many newbie’s think it won’t happen over night.

So how do I start blogging?
Starting a blog is super easy these days and there is even free hosting from sites like word press and blogger.
I strongly suggest skipping the free hosting and buying up your own URL and hosting which can be done super cheap with hosting companies like which has plans as low as 4 bucks a month.

So I got hosting for my blog what’s next?
Well after you have your host you’re going to need some kind of software to create you blog. The best of the best for beginners has to be word press and it’s also free so you can’t go wrong.

Using word press can be frustrating at first so take it slow, grab up a free word press theme you like, which will be the layout of your site, then grab up a few useful plug-ins like ninja tagging and your on your way to writing the content it self.

So I’ve got content on my blog how do I make money with it?
Depending on what your blog is all about there are tons of different ways you can monetize your blog and make that money you’re after.

Pay per click advertising
Paid per click advertising networks like adsense, Adbrite and many others enable you to easy place advertisements on your blog posts and make money whenever one of your visitors clicks the ad.

These seem to work best for content and media sites, let say your blog is all about learning Japanese or you post a lot of videos of images then pay per click advertising will be your best bet to monetize your blog.

On the other hand if you’re trying to sell something whether it is products or services these pay per click ads can actually work against you send possible customers away from your site for a few cents.

CPM advertising
Another great way to monetize your content or media sites is with CPM advertising, basically meaning cost per mile or thousand impressions. Although the pay outs can be quite weak and I mean about 2 buck per thousand views, this is also a way to make money from all of the web traffic coming to your blog.

Affiliate Marketing
What ever your blog is about, some where on the net there is a company that sells products related to the content on your blog and they are willing to pay you cold hard cash for bringing sales.

There is money in blogging, just don’t think your going to get rich overnight!
As always be sure to post your comments and let us know what works best for you when it comes to blogging for bucks.

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