Freelance Cockpit 2: Best Project Website Task Manager for Freelance(PHP Script)

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If you are a busy freelancer, then you are going to really love being able to use the ultimate Freelance Cockpit 2. This item is going to really empower you in being organized as a busy freelancer by allowing you to keep all of your various types of information together in once place for your ultra convenience and ease of access. This really is great for your freelance project management indeed.

Freelance project management is especially made easy due to the fact that you will be able to instantaneously access all of your projects that will be visible to you in the side bar. You will be well equipped to be able to track all of your tasks from directly within the project that you are working on. You will have access to helpful statistics that will inform you regarding the progress of your business, which helps you to strategize in relation to becoming even more successful.

The dashboard gives you an overview of the whole system, from projects you are working on to invoices, tasks, events and more. This is great to facilitate your freelance project management. You have the option of being able to designate tasks to projects with this system. There is a calendar to help you keep on track.

The Freelance Cockpit 2 enables the usage of support tickets, and even email tickets. Your clients can then let you know when they are having issues, so that you can efficiently resolved them. The project timer works well to keep track of the time that you have invested in a project. You can easy upload files and even screenshots, so that your clients can see the progress of the projects that you are working on for them.

Freelance Cockpit 2 Features:

-Project Management
-Project Tasks
-Support Tickets
-Project Timer
-File Uploading
-Client Management
-Client Portal
-Invoice Management
-Recurring Invoices
-Item Management
-User Activity Widget
And More…

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Task Manager for Freelance(PHP Script)

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