This is my own personal Flotrol review concerning the issue of incontinence I had, and how well this product works for me. Like many individuals leaving their Flotrol reviews, I suffered from incontinence (the inability to control my bladder) and found myself having to take unimaginable steps to make sure I did not embarrass myself in public. I tried everything to reverse the condition and until I found Flotrol, nothing seemed to help.

Bladder Training

In the early stages of my incontinence, I sought out the advice of my physician, hoping there was some solution, such as a pill or medication that would reverse this severe condition. He suggested I begin coping-with-ms-bladder-dysfunction-722x406bladder training, the process of delaying urination even after I have the urge to go. The idea is to lengthen the time between the my trips to the bathroom by 10 minutes, then then 20, then 30, in an attempt to stretch that time to between two and four hours. This did not work.

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