Enhance Your Business with Stock Manager Advance

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Managing enterprise businesses takes a lot of effort and manpower. However, now business owners can manage their businesses easily from a single platform using the online stock manager advance. This is a PHP web application that allows you to manage your business from anywhere you can access the internet, including internet cafes. There is no need for extended conversations over the phone to manage orders or having to go through written documents to check what is required, what item is out of stock, etc. This solution helps you do away with errors and provide a seamless platform for proper management and focus on quality delivery and expansion.

With a Point of Sale module, the Stock Manager Advance helps you to organize your sales and inventory online. You can use it to make sales online, update stock information, and warehouse management. With the invoicing system, you can apply tax rules and discounts to products for your customers. You can easily add these to your invoices and easily create invoices from quotations.

By making use of the calendar, you can easily manage events on every warehouse of your business. You can make use of it to generate daily and monthly reports on sales, stock, and total tax amounts.
You can also make use of advanced features to manage different warehouses and their total stock value, sales, tax collection, etc. You also have the ability to manage different staff members and customers easily. Organize your staff into different categories as per your needs, e.g. Billing department, suppliers, and Customer Service representatives.

Stock Manager Advance Features:

– Point of Sale.
– User management.
– Multiple stores/warehouses.
– Calender & Calculator.
– Full Reports.
– System setting for total customization.
– Customer and staff notifications.
– Manage stock transfers between different stores.
– Easily add purchases and sales to quotes.
– Receive payments online (through PayPal and Skrill).
– Accept Credit Cards by use of PayPal Pro and Stripe.
– Import data in CSV.
– Export reports and quotes as PDF or email.

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Stock Manager Advance

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